rock nyc radio: January 3rd, 2016

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You’ve Got A Friend – James Taylor – James lies down hard on his acoustic guitar, finger picking the entire song and lulling you in abeyance and mutuality. The song didn’t need much, but he seems to drift past the clouds and winds to a safe haven – A

Sweet Seasons – Carole King – Her last great song, this dream of adulthood and family in growth, the speeding and also the joy of time: a soft rock dream song about how we grow old the “I’ll have some kids and make my plans” line is a sound of how life is lived, what we do, and what we do. It is the trajectory of real life without the dreams of stardom (already achieved) in its desire of a life as lived – A+

Heaven’s Just A Sin Away – Kelly Willis – The very definition of MCA country from the 60s with a 70s cover. Sounds better than the creepy original… best line? “The devils got me now, come and got me now…” – A

Don’t Ask Me Why – Billy Joel – Yup, the sorta girl who stops waiters in their tracks and with some almost smart advice: don’t talk to strangers, don’t ask for favors… – A

Carolina On My Mind – James – Hey, it’s a soft rock kinda day. This is “Southern Nights” by other means -a memory song – A

Daytime Nightime Sufferring – Wings – McCartney gets serious and while he sounds playful it sticks in your craw. One of his great lost ones, no wonder Macca loved it – A-

You’ve Got A Friend – Carole King – I prefer it to Taylor and not because of the piano and not because Carole wrote, but because Carole gives the hope a desperate sound: don’t forget the “they’ll hurt you and desert you” warning – A+


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