rock nyc radio: Wednesday, December 14th, 2016

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00000 Million – Bon Iver – I’ve fallen into my ultimate theological structure: gnosis don’t buy groceries. Can I get an amen? – A

Dear Theodosia – Chance The Rapper – Off “The Hamilton Mixtape”, this is Aaron Burr’s ode to his daughter Theodosia (Hamilton gets a verse for his doomed son Philip) as performed by Chance with an aching vulnerability in the midst of all the beauty and horror of the birth of a nation. In the show, the lyric was too prosaic but it works very well as a standalone – B+

Blackstar – David Bowie – As the world ends and our five years on, Bowie adds a missive beyond himself and after he has gone. Everything about “Blackstar” improves with listening, at the center of it all , cancer barrells him over so he sings at him and it until he comes the “Blackstar” that kills him – A

…And In Every Home – Elvis Costello And The ATtractions – Best opening line ever: “You turn to the sinister when you get the boot” as the song is pushed with a first rate brass sound – A

Caught Out There – Kelis – Her masterpiece of sexual betrayal, with one of the very best hooks around, that “I hate you right now grrrr” has been part of my lexicon for a decade! – A

The Flesh Is Weak – James Chance And The Contortions – The sound of things falling apart, but it was always was. It staggers and then blows it out, the litany of effects on the bridge is awesome- A

Love And Affection – Joan Armatrading – Her 70s masterpiece of borning love about to take her away: “Thank you, you took me dancing…” is the sound of a real emotion blossoming – A

Darkness And Light – John Legend And Brittany Howard – Beautiful neo-soul song funk work out, as thrilling as anything John has ever written, Brittany add first rate background – B+

Bathwater – No Doubt – It isn’t really Gwen’s fault both her last No Doubt and her last solo album stiffed, but it is nearly impossible to write as sexy and funny a song as this all time time. Best metaphor (or do I mean verb?) for love I can think of, this is No Doubt’s greatest moment and the chorus is a joy and should be covered by half of the pop siren wannabes in the world today – A+

Hardwired – Live At US Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, MN – When I heard em perform this at Global Citizen earlier this year I was systematically blown away, that we live in a world where the original isn’t a hit is a sad indictment, man – A

Medley: Hold Me Tight/Lazy Dynamite/Hands Of Love/Power Cut – Paul McCartney – A revelation for yours truly, it exists in a musical heaven when everything Paulie touches turns to melody and it ends with the slightest push towards a political awareness – A

Closer – The Chainsmoker, Halsey – The pop boy duo were so excited Jingle Ball, I thought they might well fall off their turntables, the never getting older line rings through the sucker as well – B+

Everybody Knows About My Good Thing – The Rolling Stones – In which Mick notes that the milkman has been doing a lotta deliveries to his good thing – A


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