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Rockit – Herbie Hancock – Produced by Bill Laswell, this 1983 hit sounds dated today because it has been thoroughly appropriated by absolutely everyone everywhere. The first use of scratch technics to hit and replace the album charts once and for all, it is the beat as hook, and also the beat as counter hook. Quite why a major jazz pianist has a scratch break I don’t know, quite why it sets a standard for what was to come to aspire to is a miracle of sound, it is what we mean when we say genius – A

T5 – Swet Shop Boys – I was hoping to get round to my live review of these two rappers, they killed it last night at Webster hall but I’m too tired so I will try and do it tomorrow. In the interim, this songs first verse is so great it was picked up by protesters in LA. It is so great, the rest of the album ain’t up to the comparison, however good it might be (and it is great): “Inshallah, mashallah, hopefully no martial law” –it is simple but it says it, a bi-lingual homophone of the first order – A

Break Up Every Night – The Chainsmokers – I believe that people don’t like this duo because they thing they are smarter than the boys, and they aren’t. This is specifically a great pop song –maybe that’s all it is but it is absolutely that – A

April Come She Will – Simon And Garfunkel – Off the live in Central Park album, this is a glorious and note perfect take on the floating through time of a love that has arrived in April and is a memory by September – A

Happier – Ed Sheeran – Lyrically it is “Take Good Care Of My baby” taken from a new and better direction, musically it is sweet and sad – A


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