rock nyc’s Best Of 2015

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David Bronson For 2015

David Bronson For 2015

Best Album –  Short Movie – Laura Marling

Best Single – Song Of Life – David Bronson

Best Live Concert – Taylor Swift at Metlife

Best Movie – Star Wars

Best Artist: U2

Best Rocker: Dan Whitley

Best Country Artist: Lee Ann Womack

Best Rap Artist: Chance The Rapper

Best Rap Album: Kendrick Lamar

Most Disappointing: Kanye West

Best Sport: Baseball

Best Local Team: New York Giants

Worst Venue: Terminal 5

Comments: If I have one wish for 2015 musically, it is that David Bronson’s excellent January release Questions finds the audience it deserves. This sublime art folk rock soul album should break him, must break him. It is what I want, it is what he deserves, I wanna say I knew him before he stopped taking my phone calls.


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