rock nyc’s Top Songs In Order And Reviewed Through February 29th 2016

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1 – Ultralight Beam – Kanye West – Unimaginable Gospel faith based song that starts with a child calling out the devil and ends with Chance taking over the mic, one of Kanye’s greatest achievements.

2 – Come Down – Anderson Paak – As random as you might believe this to be, given the surfeit of brilliance on the album, this is a cool beans party track with a bass hook to die for. The best of the best and it never comes down.

3  – Crazy = Genius – Panic! At The Disco – One part Cherry Popping Daddies, one part emo circa 2008, and two parts ode to two of the Wilson brothers, plus a great Mike Love dis.

4  – Reaper – Sia – How Rihanna turned this terrific pop dance track is beyond me, Sia has said this song means nothing to her. So what? It is a sugary gooey addictive pop move

5 – Gone For Good – Teen – Break up song that aches with a synth pop sorry and a finishing end close up mood.

6 – Call Off Your Dogs – Lake Street Dive – From maybe the best album of the year form you know, adults, this is a gorgeou blue eyed soulful amalgam

7 – Your X – Jawbreaker Reunion – This is the worst tempered track on the album, a self flagellation women men sex and love song goes over the hill

8 – London Lights – Sounds Of Separation –  Could have been written for Vera Lynne -yes, that great.

9 –  Suicide Song – MONEY – As depressing as the song would have you believe, these Manchester post-punkers have a way of building sounds that sink you further than the words do, which sink you pretty darn far.

10 – Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl – Wet – Completely captivating synth ballad, with a star making turn by Kelly Zutrau. The sort of song that makes heroes out of pop bands.

11 – Magpie – Aiofe DOovan – One of those songs where you can hear her fingers on her guitar, in a really really good way. Joni might approve (who can tell with Joni, right?)

12 – Hypnotized – Akon – A Caribbean lilt adds flavor to a click track and a hook ridden vocal.

13 – F Cancer – Young Thug – Good sentiment, well said.

14 – Same Ol’ Mistakes – Rihanna – This is the Tame Impala cover but even better, than best of all, it shows she has real gifts as an interpreter less obvious yet deeper.

15 – Who’s Gonna Miss Me – Loretta Lynn – This is a true question beautifully put.


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