Rock Stars' diets: Healthier Than Ever

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What do your favorite stars eat? Do you care? Gourmet Magazine has the details about some of them, and if you think that rock stars have outrageous diets of vodka-caviar-cigarettes to go with their crazy lifestyles, well you couldn’t be more wrong: Most of them eat small meals consisting of whole grains and other very healthy food!

You want examples? Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon may be promoting a certain whiskey in ads, but he drinks honey-ginger-lemon tea, and has hired a live-in chief who prepares healthy meals when he is on tour.


OK Go’s Andy Ross follows the Paleo diet and swears only about raw foods, Sharon Van Etten keeps it very simple with bread or bananas, and even the recommendations of hardcore punk rockers Iggy Pop and the Stooges’ manager seem to come straight from a health clinic regimen: ‘Thick vegetarian soup is a safe bet, with some salads and fresh bread’ rejecting food ‘full of pesticides and mad cow disease’.


Most of them will keep it light before a performance, and they prefer to eat their dinner early, which totally makes sense as they are athletes often performing during two hours or even more.


Paul McCartney is well known for his strictly meat-free meals, he even makes crew members sign for a vegetarian diet before going on tour with him! But vegetarian does not mean boring, as his dish list is quite appetizing: celeriac, chestnut pesto soup, sweet potato gnocchi with spinach and blue cheese sauce, Irish stew in puff pastry,…


Vegetarianism is well spread in the music world, and just to give a few examples, Alanis Morissette, Eurythmics’ Annie Lennox, Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Anthony Kiedis, Avril Lavigne, Bee Gees’ Barry Gibb, Greenday’s Billie Joe Armstrong, Billy Idol, U2’s Bono, Boy George, The Killers’ Brandon Flowers, The Rolling Stones’ Charlie Watts, Coldplay’s Chris Martin, The pretenders’ Chrissie Hynde are all vegetarians


So if the trend seems to be towards healthy eating habits, there are a few exceptions: before a concert, M.I.A. sure asks for fresh fruit and vitamins, but she also requests absinthe!!! Adele wants Italian, French or Spanish wines, and  Courtney Love is supposedly a sugar addict and subsists on Dean and Deluca takeout (she particularly enjoys the pineapple upside-down cake and the crème brûlée according to the Huffington Post).


Of course, the old school rockers were not taking care of their health, Elvis Presley was known to have the worst food habits, you know the fried peanut butter-and-banana sandwich of a billion calories, which was only considered as ‘a snack’ by the King, whose culinary excesses have become legendary.


But these times are definitively over, just look at what Madonna eats: no processed food at all, no alcohol, no dairy products, no roots, no oil, no sauces, only lean meat and salads or steamed fish and vegetables. Even wild girl Rihanna, who does not seem to care about anything but her physique, follows a very strict low-carb diet, and Nicki Minaj said to Allure magazine she has adopted a low sugar and low starch diet.


With this new tendency, the old expression ‘live fast, die young’, which has been the incarnation of rock’ n’ roll life for so long, will become obsolete. Rock stars have never been more health conscious!

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