Rocky Loves Emily The Best Friends You Could Ever Want

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Rocky Loves Emily, who rocknyc has previously interviewed, made a "2012 video update 1".  The video is them pretty much being goofy and exploring DC.

It made me want to be their best friends.

These five friends travelling in a van, having the time of their lives is inspiring and compelling.  It's cool to see them all so close and pursuing their dream.  As they explore the nation's capitol, they crack jokes and are bonding.  The video montage of travelling, smiles, and music really makes me excited for their future.  There were a few parts where I even laughed out loud, because I couldn't help being overjoyed with the sincere funness of the band.

The song that they preview as a first listen in the beginning of the video is really good.  It's more of a slow, indie approach but still with the classic RLE feel.  It's nice to see them taking the initiative and pushing forward and improving every second.  The snip of the tune makes me stoked to hear more.  It's live, so you can really hear the rawness of Brandon's voice.  They've definitely evolved their sound in every aspect and for the better.  It's totally unique and a good path for them to go down.

Check out the video here:

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