Rolling Stones Sign BMG Publishing Deal But Why?

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This has always been a complicated groove thang the record publishing business. How to keep track of who owes you what for what and when? If somebody uses your song they obviously have to pay you for it. And that means everybody. From radio to the highs chool hop and it is full time job keeping track of it.  The Stones, as big as a band as you will ever find, have handled their own publishing rights for 30 years, saving themselves the commission a publishing company rights they might owe to a company like, well, like BMG.

But now comes word that they’ve signed to BMG and the question is why?

Here are some answers:

1. The Stones are old, they can’t be bothered tracking it all down and handling it in house. Why waste the resources, right?

2. Streaming is more complicated than they thought, too many people are using too many things, it is complicated.

3. The Internet is a black hole of unlawful publishing.

4. Even Jagger is sick of playing businessman.

According to the Guardian: “‘”This deal is incredibly important for BMG,’ said BMG chief executive Hartwig Masuch. ‘Keith and Mick have clearly created one of the most outstanding song collections in rock’n’roll history. They could sign to any company they wanted to. We will justify their trust in us.'”

BMG lost out big time in the EMI sweepstakes, so this is an awful big deal for the,


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