Russell Crowe In 'Les Misérables', The Movie

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Russell Crowe is one of those actors who always seems to be gritty and manly.  A pure victim of typecasting but how on Earth did he score a role in Le Mis?

Crowe will be portraying Inspector Javert in the latest version of the Victor Hugo classic.  Who cares, right?  There has been a million adaptations of this thing- it's as if we have all lived it already.  This film has an somewhat interesting twist though- it's music

I'll sneak in some Crowe tweets to explain.
'Pretty much every filmed musical ever done is mimed to a pre-recorded soundtrack… in fact i don''t know of one not,' he clarified to a fan. 'on this, as has been widely reported, we will sing every take and the orchestration will be recorded afterwards, radical really (sic)'

Radical indeed!…

But here is the funny part, when asked by a fan if the music in the film would be recorded separately or if it would

Russell explains

'The soundtrack of the film is the soundtrack of the film… I don''t understand your question,' he wrote on his Twitter profile. 'I hope there''s a tune or two in that lot that touches your heart. All the best (sic)'

I don't understand his answer, but hey it's gritty and manly

Other fools in this epic fail that will earn a spot near Water World in the bowels of Movie Hell are, Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter, Amanda Seyfried and Sacha Baron Cohen.

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