Saturday, Monday ft. Julia Spada “The Ocean” Video, Reviewed

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Filled with beautiful Swedish landscape and what I would have to describe as expressionist depiction of music, Saturday, Monday and Julia Spada’s music video for “The Ocean” is quite incredible. Not only is it just a stunning video to watch, but it does such a fantastic job of depicting what “The Ocean” is about. Swedish producer Ludvig Parment is the man behind Saturday, Monday and, paired with the brilliant Julia Spada, he has only released two songs, of which“The Ocean” is the most recent. The two artists definitely complement each other fantastically, as is clear by merely listening to how Spada’s haunting vocals seem made for the smooth violin and synth work put together by Saturday, Monday.

“The Ocean” is a story of a relationship reaching its end, as is summed up quite nicely by the chorus of the song “And though the ocean looks infinite from the far side, it breaks here, it dies. Like you and I.” The video features the two lovers the song describes and shows, in really fantastically metaphorical and imagery-rich ways, how their relationship is ending. At several points we see the man struggling with a necklace and during one of these moments, the shot changes and it is instead a large thick chain around his neck. At the end of the video he gives this necklace, I’m assuming back, to his lover just as the song ends. It’s this kind of silent yet stark action that characterizes the whole video.

During the climactic scene, the couple spins and dances around each other, each looking as if they’re trying to grab a hold of each other yet failing, and it’s this scene that captures the low violin and high vocals of the song in one moment and sort of cements the entire meaning of the song. All in all I really have to hand it to the directors, musicians, actors, and everyone involved in the video for “The Ocean” because it is full of some of the best shots I’ve ever seen in a music video. Whether it’s the strobe lights in the forest or the bunch of papers flying out of the man’s jacket, each shot was sped up or slowed down perfectly so it was in harmony with the music in a way that makes this the perfect video for “The Ocean”. As this is just the beginning of Saturday, Monday’s work, I am really looking forward to what the future brings; especially if the future brings more collaboration between the producer and Julia Spada!


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