Scott Weilands Invitation To A Brawl

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I love this guy.  Scott Weiland ahs to be one of the sexiest hot messes in the history of rock and roll.  Drooling frothing, falling off stages, shaking rail thin and pale…and cool as a cucumber about it all

Here he is on his solo tour sorta looking a bit Timberlake like as he taunts a crowd memmber to c'mon up for a scuffle.  Really what is this about?  Why is it nearly a minute and a half of my life just gone.

Why didnt the security guard give the dude a boost? Why didnt Scott jump down?  Why does the guy at the end of the video clip start singing "Dead and Bloated" when nothing happend?

I love Weilands babble:
“So you’re fuckin’ pulling that fuckin’ like gun shit off on me? Then come up and meet me one on one man. You play tough guy from an audience behind a barricade. [talking to security guard regarding fighting him] I’d love to. Yeah, that guy. Trust me. And just don’t forget it guys like you fuckin’ waste your money. I mean, actually, let him stay here, and just get all fuckin’ riled up. He won’t be able to sleep tonight.”

The information I cant find is why this all began.  Obvioulsy someone in teh crowd had a few too many Coronas and decided to start something but honestly how did Scott here him unless this guy has some ridiculously loud pipes? Why dont we hear his responses in this clip?

If you remember Scott was just fired from Velvert Revolver (right??)  I dont really care what is going down in this guys private life as long as he continues to sing and too look good until then stuff like this is just plain funny.

Check it out here


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