SEE At The Satellite, Wednesday June 7th 2017

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SEE was opening for Nina Diaz at the Satellite on Monday night, and she invited everyone to get closer to the stage, before she started playing her very emotional songs with a crystal clear voice bringing R&B nuances with powerful and moving howls. It takes a lot of guts to play an acoustic set alone, especially before bands (the Fontaines and Nina Diaz) which were about to perform with full bands, but SEE had no problems to fill up the room with her full sound and a confidence that could have emanated from the most experienced artists.

There was a lot of melancholy in her vocals-driven tunes, but at the same time a real drive and an impressive assurance illuminated her entire performance. SEE is a relatively new artist from Long Island, NY who began her singing career only two years ago when she was only 18, after teaching herself every instrument that can exist and writing her first songs at the tender age of 15. In June 2015, she signed with Blue Élan Records and worked with producers Brad Wood (Smashing Pumpkins, Liz Phair, Sunny Day Real Estate) and Walter Dicristina, to release her debut EP ‘Ties’ the following year. She may well be on her way to become a real star as her silly music video for the song ‘Green Line Killer’ was streamed more than 200,000 times on YouTube since its March release, while her older video for ‘Potions’ has skyrocketed with over five million plays since its 2016 release.

Between songs, we learned a bit about her, as she spoke with a calm and peaceful voice about the heat she had to endure in Texas ‘and I don’t wear short sleeves, I have problems, so…’ then she immediately started to make cool beat-like guitar chords during a new song called ‘My Body Loves Trouble. With her incredible piercing fjord-blue piercing eyes, her platinum-blonde hair and her melancholic tunes, she effectively looked like someone coming from a cold country where sun in never in the party.

She invited us to sing along with her remarkable cover of the Weeknd’s ‘Earned It’, bringing all the shades of sensuality necessary to receive a very cheerful response from the crowd, and after listening to a few of her emotional pop songs, this cover made complete sense.

‘Do you want to hear a sad or a happy song?’ she asked us with her sultry voice at one point, someone replied with ‘a sad song’, and this seemed to fit the mood of her entire set, which nevertheless did bring a bit of both feelings, with culminating moments of poignancy. Her stripped-down-to-its-fullest music was revealing its most intimate and bare nature, while her last song, ‘Closed Eyes Open’ had the nonchalant sensual abandon of an old Chris Isaak classic. All set long, SEE looks very serious and in complete control of her music, revealing more about her feelings through her songs than between, ‘My words aren’t enough to stop the motions/Take away the pain ’cause I see it everyday,’ she sang during Closed Eyes Open’, while she let her intense vocal range create a long lasting impression inside the venue.
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