Shadow Shadow Shade – "Tell Me Who You Are", Reviewed

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A few days ago, the Los Angeles band Shadow Shadow Shade posted a new video for a new song on YouTube, that features more atomic explosions, floods, tsunamis, tornados and other natural and unnatural disasters than the Earth will ever be able to sustain. Whereas the song, called ‘Tell Me WhoYou Are’, slowly unfolds itself with Brian Canning’s clear voice and Claire McKeown’s beautiful soprano melting into each other, the planet seems tobe undergoing an Armageddon level of violence and cataclysm.

The song will be featured on a three-track upcoming EP that Shadow Shadow Shade will release on their own new label, Public Records, like their previous LP. 

I don’t know who got the idea to contrast such disastrous images with this calm and soothing ballad but it sure makes perfect sense,…isn’t 2012 supposed to be the year of the apocalypse anyway? And it has neverl ooked more attractive.

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