Shane MacGowan Wants To Fix His Teeth To Start A Movie Career

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Shane The Hollywood Heartthrob

















When I read the headline, I thought it was a joke, ‘Pogues frontman Shane MacGowan plans to fix teeth and pursue a Hollywood career’?

Is it serious? The guy has built his career on his awful dental hygiene and suddenly he wants to change this? It’s like Barbara Streisand getting a nose job, Jay Leno fixing his chin or Madonna stopping whatever she does to her face! These bad teeth, or rather the absence of them, are part of MacGowan’s character but IrishCentral is reporting that the legendary Pogues singer-songwriter wants to fix them!

Apparently, he has been looking for a dentist to fix his broken mouth in order to launch a new acting career. He and his partner Victoria Mary Clarcke have even promised they will do an advertising campaign for the selected dentist, which would be totally fair  as the poor guy will have some work in front of him.

She tweeted:

‘Shane is keen to find a dentist so he can star in a Hollywood film’, ‘Pogues/Shane fans who are great dentists please apply!’

Now look at it this way, I am not against him to look better, his mouth looks kind of scary and I have always wondered how he could even eat with these crooked fangs. But the scariest thing may be that he wants to start a Hollywood career.


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