Shauna Ryder Sees UFO: Maybe His Career Flying Away

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First,  Poly Styrene and now Shaun Ryder are seeing UFOs. Proof without a doubt to me that the X-Files got it right.

The Happy Monday star told Q: “I’ve seen a couple of things which defy explanation. They were not craft from this planet.It was in the late 70s in Salford. Lots of other people – including police officers – saw it too. Darting craft that came close and then zoomed off. I’m not kidding you, I am convinced they were UFOs. A lot of people would say, ‘Why would extraterrestrials from an advanced civilisation come to Salford?’ Well, there’s quite a lot you can learn about humanity in Salford. It was very strange and it has stayed with me. And no, I wasn’t off my head.”

Have you ever been to Salford? Well, trust me, there is no better proof of the lack of UFO’s than the concept that the industrial wasteland known as Salford would be ground zero.

I mean, look at it from the aliens point of view: Las Vegas? Salford? Las Vegas? Salford? Ahh, fuck legalized hookers and gambling, I’m going to Salford…

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