Shirley Manson To Morrissey: F*** You!

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Shirley Manson at Amoeba


How can Morrissey get away with all he says? In the past, he has openly made racist declarations, he has called the Chinese people ‘a subspecies’, has said Reggae was ‘an absolute total glorification of black supremacy’, and has recently blamed rape on ‘open borders’. These are terrible and ignorant things to say, and of course there are the new declarations made public by the German outlet Spiegel Online, defending the indefensible, finding good excuses for sexual predators Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein… ‘Some people are already awkward when it comes to romance’… What?… ‘the person who is considered a victim is merely disappointed’… I am speechless.

Helen already wrote about this here, and I too find it very difficulty to continue to be a fan in the light of these disastrous interviews, as it seems that Morrissey says something more horrifying each time. The recent declarations led Garbage’s frontwoman Shirley Manson, to unleash a very justified anger on Twitter, with this tweet addressed to the Moz:

I just wonder whether I would have enjoyed his recent show at the Hollywood bowl the same way. During the concert, he joked about the recent sexual allegations, saying he was ‘the only person in Los Angeles who hasn’t been the victim of sexual harassment’. It was funny at the time, because he was considering himself a ‘no-sexual-assault’ victim, but considering these new declarations, I want to scream the F-word to his face, just like Shirley Manson.  He has always been full of contradictions, he defends predators, wants to close the borders and supports Brexit, but calls Trump a vermin? He denounces police brutality with videos showing violent beatings of people belonging to minorities, but he says offensive things against these same minorities? He is the indisputable advocate for animal rights, a subject dear to my heart, and at the same time, there is all this non sense and outrageous stuff coming from his mouth.

Two years ago, Morrissey was not too cool about the way TSA employees had touched him at San Francisco International Airport and he had claimed to have been sexually assaulted, but it was a different story, a story about him, not about some 14 year old in Kevin Spacey’s bedroom. I guess all this is part of being Morrissey, being crazy while saying offensive things, this is part of his job. Nevertheless, it’s highly probable that nothing of what he will ever say  will hurt his career, Morrissey can get away with murder (meat-free murder) each time and still fill the 17,000 seats of the Hollywood Bowl 2 nights in a row.

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