Sigur Ros 'Valtari Hour' Listening Party

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"Listening Party" is a trending idea.  Online streaming of an album or song at a set time so that everyone can hunch over their desks and glaze eyed look at their screen while listeing to a new release.

Sigur Ros, the Icelandic art rocksters are doing just that but oddly international.  Their new LP 'Valtari' will stream at 7pm for each time zone and country.  Odd dont you think?  That amount of effort for 6 people to listen?  Ok, sorry maybe 10 people.

Their website will have a special platform that will broadcast the album at 7pm in your timezone, as well as the album airing on certain radio stations and in record stores, making for 24 hours of Valtari.  Ohh hurray for Australia you're first.

Also, tweets with the #valtarihour hashtag, as well as fan comments, will appear on a special page of their site all day and night.

Valtari will be released through EMI in Australia on May 25.

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