Singles Going Steady: New Album Reviews Week Of September 30th, 2013

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Unvarnished – Joan Jett And The Blackhearts – Sure this is Joanie 101 but it is also older Joanie 101, whether worrying about aging on “Fragile” or slashing and burning “Reality Mentality”, she is still writing strong glam riffs with shout outs, and sing-alongs. No, it isn’t Album, but it is still damn good – ALBUM OF THE WEEK – B+

M.O. – Nelly – In which Nelly reinvents himself as a soul man as well as a past his prime rapper and comes out much better for it. With guest stars a-plenty including Nelly Fertado, on a keeper, T.I., on another keeper, and Nicki Minaj and Pharrell on a third keeper, he is a little too much, and it overstays its welcome, but really, the songs are actually here and worth listening to – B+

Pure Heroine – Lorde – I am happy the sixteen year old singer songwriter Lana del rey soundalike  broke through big time, good for her, but if ever two songs told the story those two songs are “Tennis Court” and “Royals” and after that this gets boring very quickly  – C+

Glow And Behold – Yuck – Ah yes, melodic walls of guitars. Been there, done that, but what’s not to like?  Consider them a lo-fi My Bloody Valentine. I like it fine, though I preferred their first album – B

Blur The Lines – Little Darlin’ – On its way to being the album of the week it got derailed through sameyness, but these succinct and tuneful  still have enough strong songs – B

VII – Blitzen Trapper – At their best they have the rural feel of an Indie the Band, at their worst they have the indie feel of a rural art band. This sinks and swims from song to song, but at its best, the first two tracks here, they over produce nicely – B-

Through The Never – Metallica – man, have I had enough of these guys. They haven’t made a good album in over ten years and so they regurgitate their old stuff with live albums and movies – C

Days Are Gone – Haim – The problem with haim is everybody reviews their backstory instead of their sound. If they reviewed their sound it would be indie folk with a lick of blues. Not bad, not that great either. They sucked live – C+

My Brother’s Keeper – K-Ci And JoJo – Former Jodeci members have cleaned up there act and their reward is this tasteful r&b album. Tasteful as in a little boring – C+

I Hate Music – Superchunk – It is not that these indie punks suck because,of course they don’t, and it is not that the owners of Merge records are bringing out some bad karma, though of course  they are. It is that the songs aren’t good enough  – C

B-Room – Dr. Dog – About as clever as their name, maybe a little more, this prolific lo-fi rock band  mi harmonies with art to small but steady effect – C

Walking Papers – Walking Papers – would be supergroup with grunge stars and a former G’N’R –the one you assume it is, fail to ignite – D+

And Friends – Sammy Hagar – This is the equivalent of a good “B” movie, it does the job with a minimum of fuss. But it does the job – B

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