Slash Offers Advise To The Up and Coming

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 I am not sure when Slash gained his cred as a real rock God.  I mean Guns and Roses were interesting but then again it doesn’t take much to get in the hall of fame.  So now the mad hatter is sitting on his throne giving out advise

"Be careful what you wish for! It's a f**king no-man's land out there at this point," he told Kerrang! magazine. "The rules have changed so much, and the tips I might have given out when the music industry was easier to understand really don't apply any more.

"It's like the Wild West out there, so I'd say keep your wits about you and make your own path."  "If you believe in your material, shove it down their throats. Sure, some of them are going to spit it back up, but if they swallow it, then they're yours," he said.

"You can't go out there with the attitude of, 'Gosh, I hope you like us tonight.' The rock attitude is you grab the audience by the throat and you say this is my stage, this is my two hours. It's like dominatrix – you've got to be the one in control." 

Be the one in control is a pretty tall order.  Bands really don’t have control anymore.  They don’t decide where they go, who they see or where they are placed.  That is the job of their handlers.  Now I suppose this could apply to garage bands but in fact its almost impossible to have a garage band and expect to play out- the competition is way too stiff.

I suppose we should that Pappy Slash for the wisdom but then again- how would he know?  He has been in the raquet for decades, I doubt he has his finger on the pulse.

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