Smokie, Southport Convention Centre , Friday, February 10th, 2017, Reviewed

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It’s been almost 5 years since Smokie performed in the UK, and after the performance they put on in Southport Theatre and Convention Centre I suspect it may be another 5.

Back in their hay day 1975 the band Smokie were on fire, with all the teenage gals swooning over lead singer Chris Norman. But since his departure in 1982 it’s been all downhill for them.If it wasn’t for Mike Chapman and Nicky Chinn,they’d never got off the chips and scampi circuit (Mike Chapman would go on to hand Blondie their career).

During the performance on Friday the band sang and looked tired (I know they are all over 60 but hey when you are a rock and roller and still want to tour you have to play the part just like Mike Jagger). They sang some of their old hits which the audience was there for and loved “Living Next Door to Alice, ” “Lay Back In The Arms Of Someone,” “If You Think You Know How to Love Me”, but because they were singing and playing with no enthusiasm the audience had to be encourage to get up and boogie in the aisle. The band members were on stage just playing their instruments like statues:  no banter, no moving around, and there was a no photographs rule in effect. They should be so lucky.

In my opinion it was a sad performance and in fact the couple sat in front of me were fast asleep! Smokie? Burnt to a crisp.

Grade D


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  1. angela

    beg to differ here,saw smokie last Thursday my first time ,I was blown away they put so much into it only complaint they had an opening act first which wasn’t advertised and they were crap nobody wanted them they just didn’t fit in with smokie fans


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