Sneak Peaks: New Album Releases 11-25-16 – 12-1-16

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Adam Betts – Colossal Squid

Aenaon – Hypnosophy

Avenue Eight – Get Up on the Get Down

Bölzer – Hero

Coldcut – Only Heaven

DJ Paul – Yots (Year of the Six), Pt. 2

DJ Taye – Move Out

Dungen – Häxan

Garth Brooks – Gunslinger

Icon For Hire – You Can’t Kill Us

Jay Daniel – Broken Knowz

Kate Bush – Before the Dawn

Martyrdöd – List

Max Cooper – Emergence

Mica Levi & Oliver Coates – Remain Calm

Minor Victories – Orchestral Variations

Natalie McCool – The Great Unknown

Nine Of Swords – You Will Never Die

P Money – Live & Direct

Prince – 4Ever

Ruined Families – Education

Sex Swing – Sex Swing

Swift Guad & Mani Deiz – Masterpiece

The Weeknd – Starboy

Tornado Wallace – Lonely Planet

Witchery – In His Infernal Majesty’s Service

worriedaboutsatan – Blank Tape

YG – Red Friday

Young Legionnaire – Zero Worship

Comment: Just what the world needs, another Prince Greatest Hits -this 40 song double (all killer by the way), ends with the WB era by the way, so the only possibly useful thing for Prince fans, a skim of the 90s and 00s best songs, ain’t here. I’d go with YG or The Weeknd for most anticipated but I know what you will…



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