Sneak Peaks: Upcoming Album Releases 2-23-18 – 3-1-18

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Anna McClellan – Yes and No

Angophora – Scenes

Ball Park Music – Good Mood

Bas Jan – Yes I Jan

Black Milk – Fever

Computer Magic – Danz

Caroline Rose – Loner

CLC – Black Dress

Datarock – Face the Brutality

Dedekind Cut – Tahoe

Dessa – Chime

Frigs – Basic Behaviour

Grant-Lee Phillips – Widdershins

Hieroglyphic Being – The Red Notes

Imarhan – Temet

Ismo Laakso – Ofelia

Joseph Black – Northern Exposure

Joshua Hyslop – Echos

Jung An Tagen – Agent Im Objekt

Kal Marks – Universal Care

Max Durante – The Experiment

MINT FIELD – Pasar de la Luces


Nanook of the North – Nanook of the North

Nathan Fake – Sunder

Pageants – Forever

Ponctuation – Mon herbier du monde entier

Psychic Markers – Hardly Strangers

Red Lama – Motions

Renata Zeiguer – Old Ghost

Rosie Flores – Simple Case of the Blues

S. Carey – Hundred Acres

Screaming Females – All at Once

Shy Kids – In a state

SOB X RBE – Gangin

Starchild & The New Romantic – Language

Swan Lingo – Wonder What

The Low Anthem – The Salt Doll Went To Measure The Depth Of The Sea

The Lovely Eggs – This is Eggland

Totally Mild – Her

Turbonegro – RockNRoll Machine

Turnstile -Time & Space

Until The Ribbon Breaks – Until The Ribbon Breaks

Vance Joy – Nation Of Two

Various Artists – Forth Vol. 1

Victoria Monet – Life After Love, Pt. 1

Von Grall – Infinitum

White Hills / Der Blutharsch And The Infinite Church Of The Leading Hand – Desire

Comment: Least anticipated? I know it’s shallow to hate a man for his haircut but…. Vance Joy? That curly headed side fringe wearing fop. Ugh. And The Low Anthem, if their lousy Americana wasn’t a good enough reason to hate em, anyone who names an album The Salt Doll Went To Measure The Depth Of The Sea deserves nothing but horror in the face of imbecility. Most anticipated: I love country rockabilly great Rosie Flores and Grant-Lee Phillips single off his album is one of the year’s best.but Screaming Females have been doing this for a long time and earlier this year the band covered (wait for it) “Shake It Off” (wait around for this sick beat…minimal and astonishing) and it was awesome, then she sings the hell outta Sheryl Crow’s only decent song,  Marissa Paternoster laughs in the face of every guitar slinger cliche you’ve ever heard, so, yeah, I’m anticipating.



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