Sneak Peaks: Upcoming Album Releases 3-23-18 – 3-29-18

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Alasdair Roberts, Amble Skuse & David McGuinness – What News

Alice Bag – Blueprint

Anne Guthrie – Brass Orchids

Antlers – Beneath.Below.Behold.

Baloji – 137 Avenue Kaniama

Bonny Doon – Longwave

Brother JT – Tornado Juice

Chevel – Always Yours

Club Kuru – Giving In

Courtney Marie Andrews – May Your Kindness Remain

Dami Im – I Hear a Song

Demob Happy – Holy Doom

Electric Indigo – 5 1 1 5 9 3

Esme Bridie – Today It Rains

Fatima Dunn – Birds and Bones

Flux Velociraptor – Velociraptor Attractor

George Ezra – Staying at Tamara’s

Guided By Voices – Space Gun

GosT – Possessor

Jack White – Boarding House Reach

Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker – Seedlings All

La Secte Du Futur – Wounded princes

Lissie – Castles

Mark Pritchard – The Four Worlds

Monster Magnet – Mindfucker

Mournful Congregation – The Incubus of Karma

Nicole Cross – Shapeshifter

Of Feather And Bone – Bestial Hymns Of Perversion

Pale Kids – Hesitater

Preoccupations – New Material

Rich The Kid – The World Is Yours

Seth Graham – Gasp

Shuta Hasunuma & U-zhaan – 2 Tone

Sidi Touré – Toubalbero

Sunflower Bean – Twentytwo in Blue

Squirrel Nut Zippers – Beasts of Burgundy

Swampmeat Family Band – Too Many Things to Hide

The Chainsmokers – Everybody Hates Me

The Messthetics – The Messthetics

The Mover – Undetected Act From the Gloom Chamber

The Pandoras – Hey! It’s the Pandoras

The Sword – Used Future

Toni Braxton – Sex & Cigarettes

Wet Tuna – Livin’ the Die

Will Haven –  Muerte

Yamantaka // Sonic Titan – Dirt

Your Food – Poke It With a Stick

Comment: The Chainsmokers’ Everybody Hates Me, my bet is that it isn’t an album but a bunch of remixes…. Jack White: After going to see Jack White one night on his Blunderbuss 2012 tour, I jumped at the chance to go the very next might and this is what I wrote: (here)For two nights of Radio City Music Hall, White taught nyc something it should keep in mind. Not everybody is thrilled to be here. Not everybody thinks it matters that they’re at a national landmark. Some people think: “I am not gonna like you, or suck up to you: here it is, if you don’t like this than Jesus Christ, don’t come complaining to me.If this isn’t enough, what is? ” If Jack White at Radio City Music Hall, either night, isn’t enough, then don’t fool yourself, you don’t love rock and roll.” And then I haven’t liked a thing, including an album, odds and sods, and two complete concerts. And I haven’t liked the singles I’ve heard off the new one. But with White, who knows and isn’t that the essence of anticipation?  He is my most anticipated but keep an ear out for George “Budapest” Ezra, always good for an indelible melody, Lissie is livelier than all those Julien Baker clones, Rich The Kid is a trap guy, a good one, with a taste for East Coast 90s rap, and Sunflower Bean are still hipper than you’ll ever be.


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