Some Songs: October 13th, 2017

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I’m So Free – Lou Reed – All these years later the entire Transformer album sounds like a state of grace being given a hard time. The thing is, Reed’s wild side isn’t quite wild, his magic is to make the glam of disgrace early 70s less exotic because it retains, amplifies the humanity. Reed makes mincemeat of stodgy bourgeois morality, “Yes, I am mother nature’s son… I do what I want and I want what I see,” he claims In his freedom, hanging round Times Square when that actually meant something, and in the freedom to be himself he is healthier then ever before. This is Lennon shouting “I wanna be free” during “Twist And Shout” only Reed is already  free The American Dream personified, everything the likes of Pence and Sessions either can’t imagine or can imagine all too well: to be who you are – A+

Making A Liar Out Of Me – Rehearsal – Bob Dylan – At the time, I loved Slow Train Coming and I loved Shot Of Love, but Saved in the middle, not as much. At the time. Now, I love all three, however this unknown song circa Saved would have been awesome at any point of Dylan’s born again years. Taken, slow and blues Gospel not spiritual, it sounds a little like “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” sorta clumsy but it doesn’t matter. The keyboards are all quiet pulse, and Dylan is in tremendous voice: laid back a little, because it is a rehearsal, but with a n intensity he is keeping under control – B+

Take It Off – Kesha – Off Animal, Kesha went to a drag club and watched transvestites stripping and got turned, while “The Snake Song,” which, you know, works great as stripper music, and Kesha loses it, “take it off, everybody take it off”. When I watched Kesha perform it a week ago I was beyond thrilled, the entire audience joining with Kesha with one of the most life affirming raves you’ll ever hear. It isn’t as strong on record, but it is strong enough – B+
Barbies – P!nk – A devastating look at aging and sorry, promiscuity and aloneness, worthy of Liz Phair circa Exile In Guysville It starts quiet but builds into a powerful sadness and the urge to return to an earlier time. I love P!nk’s voice when she is sad, she has a tremulous ache to her – B+

The May Queen – Robert Plant – Instruments include t’bal, a bendir, an oud, a bendir and a djembe, and they all come together to make a world Americana vibe so sweet from Plant and his Sensational Shape Shifters, it sounds like a sort of refrained rockabilly soundscape thingy – A


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