Some Songs: October 21st, 2017

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Why Do Fools Fall In Love – Boyz II Men – The problem with covering Frankie Lymon is that no one has his voice, and Boyz II Men don’t even try, they can’t, they have to bring the song down a key. Still, they do have the harmonies and while people of good faith may doubt the over arrangement on the sax, still, it asks that old eternal question one more time, and why not? – B+

Christmas Eve – Kelly Clarkson – The thing about Christmas songs is that if you are six, seven years old, they are new to you and the best of them capture the season that is magical, at least in New York City, whatever your religious domination. But when you are fifty-six, fifty-seven, you are sick to your back teeth with the suckers and nothing can bring back the magic, except for a new Christmas song. Kelly has a tremendous one here, a beauty soul rocker that brings to mind Phil Spector’s A Christmas Gift For You. – A

…And In Every Home – Elvis Costello And The Attractions – I love the way he says “you” alone and then the horns jump in for “turn to the sinister…”  A song about unemployment and the effects on a marriage, he ends up in prison, she is sleeping with his friends. One of those songs I can get unstuck on every coupla years, most because the way he sings the first line is such an overwhelming hook – A

No Cap – Future And Young Thug – First song off the new mixtape, Future is the coolest rapper in the world today – B+

I Was Married – Ruth B – A song about gay marriage before gay marriage was legal, this cuts Tegan And Sara’s original, maybe because Ruth sounds deeper than T&S, and also, those back up harmonies by the sisters is stunning – A

Tinseltown Swimming in Blood – Destroyer – The former New Pornographer channels his inner Lou Reed on this masterful, better than his former band’s latest, beauty of a song – A

Gorgeous – Taylor Swift – Tay Tay falls hard for a new guy with an English accent… no, not me – A-

I Got By In The City – The Jam – Lemme tell ya naaaaw... – A+



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