Some Songs: Saturday, December 15th, 2017

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Fall In Love With You – Cliff Richard And The Shadows – Cliff as a young man sounded like teenager softness personified, the steady rolling beat makes his innocence all the more beguiling as he shows up late for date; all lush peachy gorgeousness, he looked like his voice. The best line: “Please give me one more chance, this is my first romance….” And while not as clever lyrically, the “don’t tell me, I know” is so breathy it is immensely seductive in its lack of experience – A+

Blissing me – Bjork, serpentwithfeet – The song is so peaceful and full of joy, all flutes and dreamy true loves but it always was, the addition of the terrific soul indie singer serpentwithfeet makes it even more blissful – A-

Tweezer Reprise – Phish – Tweezer rhymes with freezer though only Trey knows why on this January 2016 live version, so much better than the (wow) 22 minute take some half hour before, this is a rollicking four-and-a-half-minute sprint – B+

Move On Up Extended Version – Curtis Mayfield – I’ve been listening to a Curtis Mayfield playlist, getting my ears into working order for the upcoming album reviews, this nearly nine minute version is jamming on the bongos – A

Square Dance – Eminem – “PEOPLE…” Eminem back when he was great crushes the Desert Storm – A

Ben Franklin’s Song – The Decemberist – I dismissed this a little, not completely, I gave it a “B,” but after hearing it a bit more the “Do you know who the fuck I am” stuck with me… Then I read a little about it: “Mr. Lin- Manuel Miranda reached out to our own Colin Meloy to put music to a set of lyrics that had been written for HAMILTON but had never been used: a first-person introduction to one of the US’s founding fathers, Mr. Benjamin Franklin. Lin said that he’d wanted to include Franklin as a character in the show initially, but it just never quite worked — something about not wanting to remove the audience more than once from the action taking place in our nascent United States. Funnily enough, he said he’d imagined Franklin singing in a sort of Decemberist-y way, whatever that means.” So lyrics by Lin and music by Colin Meloy – B+

Kites – N.E.R.D. – Kendrick sounds great rapping over the ever declarative M.IA. – B+



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