Some Songs: Saturday, December 22nd, 2017

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She’s In Love With The Boy – Trisha Yearwood – This was her first hit, back in 1991, and it is humdinger beauty of requited love just past the 80s last golden age for country, and its heart is really pure -she captures something about women’s love and how it leads to family. Trisha used this song for the Kiss Cam last night and ended the song kissing Garth,  looking an awful lot like Mike and Molly  – A

Entitlement Crew – The Hold Steady – There is nothing to be done about Finn’s sing speak vocal and nothing you want to do on this Farfisa groovy song with so many great lines I am trying not to understand why he’s singing “Now here’s a church, here’s the steeple, I like the party favors but I hate the party people,” or “Too many cracks in the bathroom, too many kooks in the kitchen,” though maybe a memory song about a girl and a party? Who cares, an ace song – A-

Cotton Candy – Jessie Reyez – Did you know she sold out Bowery Ballroom last month? This is the woman I went to some festival at the crack of dawn to see this June. Jessie was so awesome and she gave me a kiss on the cheek when I told her how great she was. And her first post-EP single is a lo fi killa – A-

Perfect Duet (Ed Sheeran & Beyoncé) – Ed Sheeran & Beyoncé – You ain’t lived till you’ve heard Bey singing “baby, we were dancing in the dark”. She absolutely kills this song, which didn’t need help because it was already great. I have no clue as to why there is some sort of Sheeran backlash (he got stiffed at the Grammys),  Divide is the best album of the year – A

Love Is All We Have Left – U2 – Bono once wrote “So love is big Is bigger than us but love is not what you’re thinking of,” 20 years later the opener of their new album is how love is bigger than us, an ode to the proportions of love -how huge it is whether you will, it broods itself into a sermon on the mound – B+

New Year’s Day – How  I wish she was gonna play this on Saturday but nah and you know? For the first time ever you won’t be including “Love Story” either. The step backwards will be “Shake It Off” and “Black Space”. The last time I saw Taylor at Jingle Ball she shared her 25th birthday at the stroke of midnight, three years later… – A


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