Some Songs: Saturday, November 25th, 2017

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This One’s On Me – Jessi Mason – Mason is one of the best pop songwriters around, she travels the singer songwriter axis with so much skill and self assurance that every song she has is a gem. The woman is so consistent it is ridiculous, I can honestly state she hasn’t recorded a song I haven’t loved. This 70s style tempo switch up is pure ear candy with a swinging little rock band and Jessi’s sweet yet soulful vocal on top; a self-portrait for a lone wolfer that distills self-doubt and distance into lifestyle. What gets me is the construction, the bridge, the “everything’s alright, alright” is another great melody inside the first, more than a bridge it is an echo chamber. This is Jessi’s second great song this year and if she changed her production and arrangements so it added digital swaths of synth and a hi hat to the mix, she would break pop – A

I’ll Be Doggone – Marvin Gaye – Steve Crawford namechecked this masterpiece in his first rate songs of the 60s column(s) (here), all I’ll add is the “doggone/long gone” rhyme is Smokey Robinson 101 – A+

Arisen My Senses – Bjork – How magnificent love and its rebirth is, and nevermore so than on this astounding performance. It is awash in electronic and the sound of nature buzzing perfectly within it. Off the new Utopia, one of her greatest songs – A

Codeine Dreaming – Kodak Black and Lil Wayne – These two rappers completely complement each other on these dreamy high as a kite ode to drugs where the guys suggest they are too good to spend their time in the same brain space as us. Smoke dem moon rocks, Kodak – B+

Once Upon A Time – Bob Dylan – This has a dreamlike quality as well, the slide guitar is all ache and lost love and Dylan always seems capable of adding something not there, here he makes it far more distance, “once upon a time, long ago” is all distance. A highlight of Dylan’s gig yesterday, there is so much good stuff on Triplicate (though he did include it in the sampler as well -ending the album with it) – A

A Little Rain Must Fall – Regina Bonelli – Sounding as much like a disco diva as a blues Queen, Regina has a sensitive take on the travails of life that give her songs a lot to be considered. Before the second line is over a 21 year old man has died in a motorbike accident and we take it from there. This is funk with horns, and disco in its horns, and power blues in Regina’s singing – A-

Roll Over Beethoven – The Rolling Stones – The guitar is better than the Beatles version (Richards kills the solo), but the band take it too fast and Harrison’s vocal cuts Jaggers… yeah, I know – B+

#1HappyHoliday – DRAM – Mr. Brocolli is the best singer you don’t know and this is a glorious and beautiful take, it soars like Motown – A-


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