Some Songs: September 20th, 2017

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Chill – Rayana Jay – “I know you got some record, I got some N.E.R.D. I love when you sing to me, even when you sing off-key.” So says Rayana Jay, in her own way a modern day Elvis Costello who cuts to the chase of relationships though less with a cleaver than a causal understanding. This song, about spending time at home hanging out couldn’t be better , a gorgeous little soul song – A-

True Blue – Madonna – Listening to it today, the sound is a little trebly but otherwise it is a just about perfect concoction. Co-written with her college friend Stephen Bray (he would go on to compose the musical “The Color Purple”), it is a 50s style doo wop without the doo or the wop; a world beater of a song that lives alongside the pro-life “Papa Don’t Preach,” as a song before substance, melodious wonderland and a keen and all time fave – A+

FourFiveSeconds – Rihanna, Kanye West, Paul McCartney – McCartney performed this in 2016 a MetLife and I guess right this minute in Barclay center. As simple a song as you can make, Macca’s acoustic guitar frames a musical argument between RiRi and Yeezus, that works simply because it is a great, great song – A

El Bint El Shalabeya – Fairuz – With the 81 year old Lebanese superstar’s new album out on Friday, it’s a pleasure to return to one of her greatest moments, a song I remember hearing in the late 60s, early 70s. The sound is Arabic pop, not classical, more Sabah than Im Kalsoum (Fairuz is a better singer than the former, not as good as the latter), traditional Arabic aoud as the lead instrument, and backup singers keeping out of the way. Having said that, there is a melancholy throughout the track and things don’t sound quite right. her husband composed the lyric and her brother wrote the words, and this tandem with Fairuz at the top singing then with exceptional beauty and dignity tell the story fo the girl from Shalabeya who remembers her great love from a distance – A+

California – Big & Rich – The country duo have always been a pop concoction for Middle Of the Road country fans, and more often than not it is too schmaltzy. Here they work out the space between here and there with some clever juxtapositioning – B+

Break On through (To The Other Side) – The Doors – “Night destroys the day, day divides the night” –one of Morrison’s greatest couplets from the Doors great song. This is off the new Singles compilation – A+


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