Some Songs: Thursday, August 17th, 2017

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Talula M&M Remix – Tori Amos – If her greatest (musical) days are behind her, this song which seems to echo Native Anericans though I don’t believe it is what the song is actually about loss and the joy of loss (because you had to feel something to care enough to lose it. Tori said it was a little dance she’d do with herself and a nursery rhyme. The remix makes it even jumpier – A

Nazi Punks Fuck Off – The Dead Kennedys – OVER PRODUCED??? That’s what Jello claims at the outset, about MARTIN HANNETT, one of the great producers of the post-punk era. It’s a slap dash punch drunk wallop of a speed punk track – A

tonite – LCD Soundsystem – This is what we want from Murphy, a pretty awesome straight up dance track with massively depressing lyrics – B+

Little Honda – The Hondells – The great Beach Boys song (Love and Wilson at the top of their game), performed by session musicians, but it is just like the song, a groovy little song… A

Untouchable Face – Ani Di Franco – She never came close to this terrific unrequited song again, as catchy as sad and powerful as she would ever get and the most awesome “fuck you” you have ever ever heard – A

Fake ID – Rat Boy – The keeper on his new one is jaunty folk punk ala Billy Bragg, “it’s not a fake ID, it’s just not mine…” he explains on this addictive personal best – A-

Get Out Of My Way – Paul McCartney – Tough little rocker off the underrated Off The Ground, great bridge, very very strong – B+

Over My Head – Fleetwood Mac – Chrissie Mcvie again, the fade in is pure Buckingham but the tune is pure McVie, part of a tremendous late 70s run of songs – A

Supercut – Lorde – The album stiffed and sure that’s a problem but she is so great live right now learn to forgive especially on this terrific relationship song – A-

Bound 2 – Kanye West – That Brenda Lee sample: woooooaaaahhhhh – A

Bodak Yellow – Cardi B –  Terrific little ode to making money off the pole – A-

Southern Nights – Glen Campbell – Now there are both gones the nostalgia hits even deeper – A


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