Some Songs: Thursday, June 28th, 2018

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R.I.P. – Playboi Carti – There are whole worlds of people, some are even smart and listen, who hate Soundcloud  Rap, but I am not one of them: baby trap, Broward County, and this strange world of black teens out of juv and mixing extreme sex and drugs and uver-violence with a depressed worldview slurred up on cough medicine, adds up to a schitzo sound of immense strangeness and power. While Playboy is a fashion horse from Georgia and not a fatherless delinquent from Florida, he comes from a similar place and a similar flowl.   While “R.I.P” is an all but obvious I got this and that track, the sample of Jodeci’s “What about us” suggests something other, and the backing suggests more of the live show where the stage is swarmed. Stranger than all this is the way Playboy makes the shallow feel deep and song for song that is the greatness of mumble rap, these kids self-conscious se4lf-awareness has the depth of found truths – B+

What In The World – David Bowie – First off this reminds me of an old friend of mine that I haven’t seen or even thought of for years and years, we were close in the mi-d70s, she drank and drugged too much and finally we drifted apart. Anyone who drinks and drugs reaches a place, where, like Bowie’s little girl with gray eyes on this perfect fragmentary song off one of the greatest albums of all time, Low, where you’re locked in your room that rhymes with gloom and proves it. The song is livelier than the song that follows it, “Sound And Vision”. It is a sharp. angular, guitar shard song and Bowie seems disconnected from what he is singinging. I have put to sleep my terrorist story at least till Christmas but I am deep in thought of a story with this as the title… Grade: A

Hurry – Teyana Taylor, Kanye West – This sex song has one problem and I recommend a remix to fix it,  take off Teyana’s sexual moaning at the end of the second verse. Not for any prudish reasons, but because, much like the snoring at the bottom of “In Another Land,” it intrudes on the fantasy without adding to it. Seriously, how can you intrude on a sexual fantasy that begins with “Keep your eyes all on this fatty, if you like what you see take your hands and grab it”. Add to that Kanye’s brilliant verse:

Bad Trinidadian, need to let daddy in
If I need to spend some cash, fuck it, then, I’m zaddy, then
She in love with a man she can’t be with
But she know that pussy gon’ leave him seasick
Every time she round, she get treat like the sidekick
Until that side chick went and got some side dick
Sun-kissed princess, gold toe ring
Smacker lip gloss, backside swole thing

So good, and what a great and soulful high melody soul backing track – A

Seventeen – Tomberlin – The one scene that seems to give back as much as black boy mumble rap is white girl indie folk, from early bird Julien Baker to somewhere in between US Girls, to Soccer Mommy and here is yet another. The Kentucky native born to Christian parents, who, according to Tomberlin, had the Church around her all the time but raised her to be a critical thinker, and like most critical thinkers, get stuck in the place where faith meets doubt. That will also lead to sadness, and this lovely song, a romantic break up in Chekhovian short hand with strings behind the guitar and voice:

Only love the people
Who don’t love you back
What is up with that?
Are you done with that?

I can’t say I’m much different
Cause I still love you
I was blinded
And I’m still blinded

Grade: A-


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