Some Songs: Thursday, November 2nd, 2017

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I Was Married – Ruth B – The opening track on 1977’s Tegan And Sara’s The Con, is, ten years later, also the first song on The Con X. I prefer Ruth B’s take solely because her voice is warmer and lusher, the song itself is flawless but the sisters are a little too soft in their version. The lyric is perfection, a remembrance of a wedding  brimming with joy in the sun. Building rapturously to a sad disquiet:

“They seem so very scared of us

I look into the mirror (look into)

For evil that just does not exist

I don’t see what they see (tell them that tell them that)”

Perfectly put and perfectly placed, leading out to the simplest of explanations for same sex love (for those who need it): “Try to control the pull of one magnet to another magnet to another,” as fine a description of same sex love as you’ll ever hear. It is the subtle place of normality under caustic threat – A

Make Love – Gucci Mane, Nicki Minaj – Another Gucci masterpiece off his new album of the year, Gucci compares making love to making money and Nicki puts the world of men rappers on warning that she is as good or better than the very best… and then proves it – A

Flicker – Niall Horan – Heartbroken Niall considers this his best song, fortunately for him it isn’t – B-

High End – Chris Brown, Future, Young Thug – Chris goes to Atlanta and Future steals the song: this isn’t r&b anymore, this is hip hop – B+

Some Else’s Heartache – Lee Ann Womack – this song is so strong that you can easily imagine Patsy Cline upping the orchestration and break your heart through it: the lick is so tiny and so addictive the first time and then with a turn of a note, doubly the second time. Lyrically, the sentiments sound strong but the song is so tender you wonder if she is fooling herself – A

Ghostface Killah – 21 Savage, Offset, Metro Boomin – The strongest song off the album is all automatics in the trunk and shooting maggots with the pump, Two names that should be here, Young Thug who produced it and Travis Scott who co-wrote it. Best moment? When 21 Savage compares himself to Kim Jong – A-

Boy – Willow – She was so great at Tidal X and she performed this about her fascination with a boy who loves Quentin Tarantino movies – B+

Closer – Tegan And Sara – I might be overstating the case, but this is the one that broke them loose from folk, alt, queer identified, whateverisms and gave em a huge mainstream hit on this undeniable pop track – A


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