Some Songs: Tuesday, November 7th, 2017

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Ring In The Season – Kristin Bell, Idina Menzel, Josh Gad – Yes, I saw “Frozen,” and yes, I realize this comes from a movie I can’t imagine ever going to see, the animated short (fronting a Pixar movie) “Olaf’s Frozen Adventures,” but the difference is the Iman who threw up in his mouth all through the extremely popular let it goes-ehs and this one, is I glommed on to “The Good Place” and became a fan of Kristin as a dead woman attempting to learn ethics in hell. “Ring In The Season” is all sugar and no coating, by Elyssa Samsel and Kate Anderson –who seem born to cement the Sherman Brothers reputation for all time – C

Upholstery – The BeachBums, Jeffry Comanor – When I saw Paul Williams on stage at the Carlyle in 2013, I could have all but begged him to do a “Phantom Of The Paradise” medley. Including this genius Brian Wilson pastiche about cars and girls as in “upholstery, when my baby sits up close to me, that’s supposed to be, what life is all about…” We didn’t get it but surely someone somewhere should be making a Broadway Musical out of it – A

Fall Of The Star High School Running Back – Loamlands – I got this from a place I think I’ve gotten one other song in the past two years: Spotify’s “Discover Weekly”. After years of reflexive dislike for the Mountain Goats I saw them open for Jason Isbell and was converted. This song is part of a podcast wherein bands cover MG leader John Darnielle songs, Loamlands are an excellent North Carolina folk-punk band and this is better than the original, it sounds like Roger McGuinn goes indie… a tremendous song – A-

Romance – Willow – Whatever you might think of Hollywood royalty Smith Family, one thing is undoubted: Willow Smith is an artist and this song is a strange, lo fi, acoustic brilliance as it stumbles between cynicism and a faith of sorts. “I want to know you like I know myself, but it would be just as confusing as hell,” is an original thought. What isn’t original, but, in fact, a whip into normalcy where sex is divine and sacred and lust is perverted. Nonsense, of course, but Willow is just 17 years of age and yet to figure out that the more lust the more divinity – B+

Solid Rock – Live, Nov 27, 1979 – An early born again concert: “We’re gonna do a request tonight, somebody shout out something called ‘Solid Rock.’ Hanging on to a solid rock mean? Before the foundation of the world, is that the one you mean? Alright.” – A

On A Clear Day You Can See Forever – Nelson Riddle, Yves Montand – I wasn’t crazy about the movie of the Broadway Musical but this song, which leads deep into reincarnation where Daisy can see all her past lives going on, and Yves, who was a powerful yet subtle singer, seems to be singing through dimensions. The arrangement is by one nelson Riddle – A-


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