Some Songs: Wednesday, December 27th, 2017

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Black Still – Scarface – Scarface, a Southern (Houston to be precise)  rap progenitor with a lotta the 2Pac in his DNA offers a stunning reworking of Public Enemy’s “Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos”:

Here’s a land that never gave a damn
About a brother like me from the jump; they’d rather see me slump
Face down, shot five or six times
With my kid and her mama in the cop car crying, and I’m dying
Stop lying, it’s a black and white thang
Redneck ass judge would rather watch a nigga hang
Than indict what’s white, not right, fuck a news feed
Black men got the same needs as the Jews need
Who me? I demand reparation
Fuck a cowboy, I’m a native robbed of my nation

Yeah, that’s one way of looking at it for damn sure. The conclusion, “If Black lives still don’t matter to you, stay out” is a well deserved rebuke to white America but one of the greatest rappers you’ll ever hear and yet still someone I’ve never been crazy about. My problem with rap has always been its lack subtlety, never more so than this incendiary rapper, but when he gets it good, he gets it very very good – A-

Modern Slavery – Travis Scott, Quavo – Not only is this the best Otis Redding sample ever, it is also an update of “Black Still” so clear eyed it acts like self-inflicted character assassination: starting a song (and an album), with “All these damn chains, modern slavery (ice) but this ain’t 1800 so they pay me (cash),” is so immediately suspect you have no idea why they would say it. Or if it is true. Or if it is true, who cares? For once the rattle your jewelry sound is a perfect reflection of the gash – A-

You’ve Come Home – The Impressions – Near the halfway mark of their debut album, Curtis takes off the gloves and goes for the smoothness that is Sam Cooke as he gloms onto “You Send Me” before turning his back on the melody to create his own A-

Night Shift – Lucy Dacus – Singer songwriting indie lo fi bedsitland women complaining about boys is a real bore even when it isn’t. “The first time I tasted somebody else’s spit, I had a coughing fit…”But the long, morose, self stroking mush up soon finds her in, with “you don’t deserve what you don’t express”. All well and good but it is a long trip for not much of a reward – B-


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