Soundscape With Winter And Drinking Flowers At Amoeba, Wednesday February 9th 2016

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Drinking Flowers


The Sunset & Vine Business Improvement District is having its first public art initiative with display of original artwork on street utility boxes and live music at Amoeba, since the famous record store conveniently stands right in the middle of this district. The art project will transform common utility boxes into works of art starting Friday with paintings featuring many local bands, the work of artist Paige Emery, who was chosen based on her ability to capture the neighborhood’s unique creative spirit and authentic vibe.

Night Beats, Fever the Ghost, FEELS, Drinking Flowers, Cosmonauts, Winter, Triptides, The Molochs, HOTT MT and Froth are the bands featured on this utility boxes series, and it turns out that I have seen almost all of them already! And two of them were playing an in-store on Wednesday night.

I am sure Winter and Drinking Flowers were delighted to play at Amoeba, it’s a sort of accomplishment to step on this small stage where so many famous bands have performed. Winter started the festivities and if I have never found very easy to write about their breezy pop, it doesn’t mean I haven’t tried! Winter’s music sounds easy to grab at first, like some new melancholic pop quartet, with dreamy vocals, smiling faces and some glitter at the corner of each of the meandrous detour of their songs. But soon the songs turn into something much more complex, looking for dissonance In the fuzz and some occasional white noise, escaping simple description and a clear season. However, the band picked one season for moniker… Winter? There are shades of every weather in their soundscapes although the music, which has often been described as bright, is barely sunny and sounds more like a dream of sunshine during a winter storm. These bubblegum noise makers have a new album out, called ‘Supreme blue dream’.

The larger ensemble Drinking Flowers had brought many synth and some heavy hitting drum machines backing a dark drone omnipresent in their songs. I have seen several times before, but their sound may have changed a bit, I remember them to be more Velvet Underground via Brian Jonestown Massacre, but it seems that they have now created a more personal and driving sound, a dark wave with crushing guitars, krautrocky synth and monochord vocals, a druggy sinister shoe gaze. It is trippy with a very little ray of light, and the grooves are immediate, going deeper in psychedelic dance-vibes and fuzzy noise, Drinking Flowers will release a new album ‘New Swirled Order’ in a couple of weeks, a title which makes total sense when you will know they are part of the line up of the new ‘Dance in a Panic’, a monthly rock n roll dance party at the Regent, curated by the one and only Peter Hook.

Soundscape was the title of the event, and it could become a series, featuring a double feature each time.

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More pictures of the show here.

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