South African Rapper Flabba Stabbed To Death By His Girlfriend

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I hate to draw easy comparisons, but on the other hand people do that all the time, especially when it comes to emotional subjects. People think they understand a subject or a case because of similar (so they think) events that have occurred in their life, and they think they can relate. When talking about the article published in Spin Magazine in 2004, someone who knew Elliott Smith very well told me that Liam Gowing ‘related to Elliott in a way that made him think he understood him because of similar experiences’….Whereas ‘he was just imposing his feelings onto Elliott and thinking he totally got it. It was totally self-serving and not journalism,’ he added.

We are all guilty of this, more or less, I never had a roommate committing suicide as it was the case for Liam Gowing, but I am going to draw parallels between Elliott’s story and another tragic one.

In Johannesburg, rapper Nkululeko ‘Flabba’ Habedi was found dead in his bedroom, and was very probably stabbed to death by his girlfriend. What strikes me the most is the fact that, according to one his close friends and a member of his band, the rapper was arguing with his girlfriend before leaving a club in the early hours of the morning, shortly before he was stabbed.

‘We’re not sure exactly who said what, but it was any sort of lovers quarrel, as usual,’ declared his band member. ‘It’s just one of those things. We don’t know what led to what happened. No one will really know because none of us were there.’

Exactly, nobody else was there, but quarrels often escalade, plus the girlfriend has since been taken into custody and charged with murder.

Habedi’s brother explained a bit more:

‘When I got there I found him on the floor and I tried everything; CPR, I tried to stop the blood from the wound. Obviously there must have been an argument – that’s what my little brother told me, because I was asleep. He told me that they started arguing and they locked him outside.’

Another thing strikes me. Very often people argue that crimes of this nature are made by enraged individuals and that, as a result, the victim received many stab wounds. However, according to Sowetan News, Habedi’s brother declared that the rapper ‘was stabbed once in the heart around 2am’… Just once!

Although I obviously don’t know all the details of the case, I looked for a picture of the girlfriend in question, and beside being really pretty, she looks like a very tiny person, which should put to rest the recurrent argument that a small woman wouldn’t be able to stab a guy… Again it is easy to draw parallels when you see similarities between stories, but you have to admit this was very tempting. What else? Flabba had no history of drug addiction and depression, his girlfriend didn’t play the suicide card apparently and the Johannesburg police may be more competent than the LAPD.

As for Flabba, he was a well-known rapper who had won several awards for his work with the group and his solo projects, including Best Rap Album at the 2007 SAMA awards for his album Nkuli vs Flabba. This is a very sad story once again.

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