Spotify: JUST TELL US WHAT NEW ALBUMS ARE STREAMING EVERY TUESDAY? I mean, really, how hard can it be???

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 For a nearly perfect music platform, the streaming service Spotify is a major mess and if ITunes ever decides to go into the subscription service business, and given the state of Apple's stock in 2013 they just might, Spotify will be over like that.

They have a million subscribers in the States at let's say for eases sake, ten bucks a pop, that's ten million bucks a month 120 mil a year and their hold on their world is very very tenuous. If they were on the stock market, would you buy it when they can't make the deep and lasting in roads into music distribution they must not to be blown out of the water at the first sign of real competition.

I've been using Spotify for over a year now and it is how I listen to 85% of my music. I also do 10% ITunes and 5% other means. But I have a year huge problem with Spotify, actually not just Spotify but everywhere but absolutely Spotify.

The platform has no way of informing their subscribers what new music will be or is available for streaming, I wake up on a Tuesday clueless as to what Spotify will have and use many different information services, Metacritic, Direct Current, Wikipedia, ITUNES Store, to get a handle on what has been released and then I search for them over a period of maybe six hours, 6am to 12p.I also subscribe to Spotify's terrible new releases subscriber list.

Between all these and quite a few others I try to get an idea of my hearing habits for the rest of the week (three days till I write a new album release review column).

Spotify also send a terrible email alert with no intrinsic value.

I can't understand why Spotify wouldn't simply provide a list of new releases every Monday that members can listen to on Tuesday. Just tell us what is there? Why not?

First I thought, the record stations were paying them for placement and that might well be so but they can't be paying them that much, right? Than I thought, they don't know what they're doing, and I still think being unable to sign up for Spotify without a Facebook Account is ridiculous. Why tie your sails to someone elses platform???

Now I think they are just a poorly run company. They are just crazily unuseful. Have you ever tried to phone them with a question? Have you ever tried to phone them period? You can't, it is nearly impossible to get their number (I got it thru Helen who got it through an Agency that does business with them) and when you have you still can't reach any one.

So go on line with a software problem. Wait, don't bother, there is no one to help you there. Wanna sign up but don't know how? Well, don't sign up there. It is endemic, it is everywhere. The concept of service is simply beyond the company.

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