Spotify Removes ‘White Supremicist Music’

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Heavy Metal makes kids kill their parents
Acid Rock makes you a drug addict
Rock and Roll.. well it instantaneously gets women pregnant
Hip Hop made me join a gang and I’m serving time for pimping

Spotify, everyone’s favorite green circled streaming service is making the world a safer friendlier place by removing all ‘white supremacist’ music.  Meanwhile, they feel its quite alright to play “Smoked Pork” by Body Count.

Nothing more scary that censorship, well nothing more scary than selective censorship cuz then where do you draw the line.  I’m debating if I can, in good conscious, continue to subscribe to Spotify if this is their business plan.  So there are these search engines that filter out hate music.Yet there is no filter that filters the shit music being created today.. go figure.

You can sing about fucking, killing, torture.. as long as you don’t mention race right?  Wait and if your’e an African American band.. well have at it motherfuckers cuz we don’t want to offend you.. right Spotty?

“Spotify takes immediate action to remove any such material as soon as it has been brought to our attention. We are glad to have been alerted to this content – and have already removed many of the bands identified today, whilst urgently reviewing the remainder,” she said in the statement.

Hey Spotify.. Body Count is a black metal band singing about killing police.  If you dont know now ya know…’

I don’t like anyone filtering what I can and cannot listen to.  One of the appeals of Spotify is that I can literally hear anything I want, whenever I want, or so I thought.

Now.. lets all have you liberal Starbucks slurping drones come at me.  G’head tell me this is a good thing and I will simply say, ‘you’re wrong’  This whole ‘trigger warning’ bullshit is just that bullshit.

You’re either fucked up or your not and what you watch or listen to is not going to change it.  Spotify spokesperson Paul Resnikoff wrote that “in the wake of violent clashes in Charlottesville and an increasingly vocal, post-Trump white supremacy voice, the presence of white supremacy music on Spotify takes on a different light.”

Yes, it takes on the light of censorship and control and the exact opposite of what music should be.  Music should be the vessel to express whatever you want, openly.  A canvas for word artists to express themselves.  Do I offend you?  Good. Either stop reading or start thinking or better yet write a counter thought.  Do something.  Good Ol Jello Biafra is getting a nice rebirth with the tune “Nazi Punks Fuck Off” I always preferred “Lets Lynch The Landlord”…but that would offend right?  Pull that tune too Spotty-

We the people sit on our asses with our keyboards and allow the media to feed us our beliefs.  We then either get mad at A or B and then along with our mob of like minded burger eating fatties use cap-lock and expletives to make sure everyone knows how we feel.

Id like to censor half the people I have to deal with on a daily basis.  Instead I simply ignore them and they go away.

Which is exactly what Spotify should do. Let the children boogie.



One Response to “Spotify Removes ‘White Supremicist Music’”

  1. Robert Nevin

    Hi Helen! Listen, to complain that corporations take actions to protect their own self interests is like throwing sand at the ocean. This is not a good time to be associated in any way, shape or form, with neo-Nazis. The white fascist website Daily Stormer has been kicked off of GoDaddy, Google and others. Is it fair? Well, it is to those corporations which contend that the site violates their terms of service.
    “I don’t like anyone filtering what I can and cannot listen to. ” That ship sailed a long time ago Helen. Virtually everything we listen to, watch and read is filtered in some form or other. As for: “So there are these search engines that filter out hate music.Yet there is no filter that filters the shit music being created today.. go figure.” So you ARE in favor of some kinds of censorship, yes Helen? Only instead of easily identifiable stuff like thrash metal, You’d like to see a filter for the removal of nebulous “shit music”. Oh my, how would The Clash have fared in such a world, given initial mainstream reaction to them. It took me years to come to appreciate them, which I wouldn’t have gotten a chance to do if someone had had their finger on the “shit music” button.
    Censorship? You want censorship? Hell, I remember when some southern stations refused to play “Stop, Stop, Stop” by The Hollies because it contained the word “navel”. Now THOSE were the days!


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