Starbucks' Song Of The Week: 'I Choose You' By Sara Bareilles

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Sara Bareilles has been around for a long time but I have never, never listened to her. I don’t know, I have always thought that she was just walking on the fine line separating mainstream from indie music, and I have never been really tempted. However, at 33, she was nominated 3 times for a Grammy, has released four studio albums, has sold 1 million records and 4 million singles in the US, so I suppose she matters in music. She had one huge 2007 hit song ‘Love Song’ and didn’t she recently benefit from the fact that Katy Perry’s new song ‘Roar’ sounded like her song ‘Brave’? She wasn’t even mad, and what could have happened in such cases (lawsuit) couldn’t have been further from her thoughts: ‘If I’m not mad I don’t know why anybody else is upset. I’m like, ‘Relax, let’s just celebrate that we can be out there and encouraging people to, like, feel strong and empowered’. Sara Bareilles is just too nice for lawsuits but this demonstrates her music has grown more Perry-like than Regina Spektor-like.

Pitchfork of course totally ignores her but she gets good press in the Huffington Post and Billboard magazine, she seems to be the sweet girl you don’t want to criticize because she is precisely just this, the sweet and harmless friend in so-called romcoms, targeting young women with endless time on their hands and midinette’s dreams.

Since her song ‘I Choose You’ off her new album ‘The Blessed Unrest’ is the Starbucks’ pick of the week, I decided to give her a listen. It’s sweet, soft and sung with her mezzo soprano voice and it honestly sounds ready for the next Pixar animation or some romantic wedding compilation. There are more vocal chorus effects that you would think but nothing can save the triteness of the lyrics, ‘Tell the world that we finally got it all right/I choose you/I will become yours and you will become mine’,… yaaaawn, she sounds like Celine Dion, sorry but I am bored! However, lots of people will fall in love.

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