Steve Jones’ Book Signing At Book Soup, Saturday January 28th 2017

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Steve Jones

Attending a book signing always starts with the same scenario, you wait on line for an hour or two until it’s your turn, you wonder for a long time what you are gonna tell to the person, the star, and when it is suddenly your turn, it goes so fast you never really say what you were cooking in your head for so long. I just got to tell Steve Jones it was very cool to meet him, and we had a short exchange about our mutual experiences as immigrants in the US since we both come from Europe — a burning topic on the day Trump signed the ban on a certain group of immigrants! After a photo op, he told me a nice ‘Thank you for coming, love,’ and I realized this was how Steve Jones talks to every woman! In person, he is warm and extremely nice, and I wanted to tell him I always have had the strange feeling to have known him for a long time! It’s true that I used to listen to his weekdays Jonesy’s Jukebox when it was still on FM 103.1; it is on KLOS 95.5 these days, and since it is more and more difficult to find time for radio, I often download the podcast.

Steve Jones was sitting behind a desk at Book Soup on Saturday early afternoon as he was signing his book ‘Lonely Boy: Tales From a Sex Pistol’, and he took the time to talk to all the people who were there, to pause for pics each time and to be Steve Jones, the punk rock legend who survived an abusive childhood, a drug addiction in his teen years and the formation and dissolution of a band that still means punk rock in all its glory….

Steve, who doesn’t really speak to some of the members of the Sex Pistols these days (Johnny!), has been wanting to tell his side of the story for years. From the few pages that I have already read, the book promises to be very revealing and honest, written in such a direct style that you can almost hear Jones talking: ‘What I do know is how much things that happened when I was a kid fucked me up – still now, to this day. Of course the chemistry of everyone’s brain is different, so some people might deal with a lot worse and come out fine, and others could have it really easy and still feel very hard done by. All I can tell you about is my own experiences, and given how dodgy my memory is, I can’t even be too sure about some of them’, he writes page 5, and you know what? He is right about this!

In the first pages of his book, he also tells he won’t never be preachy, and you can’t be more honest that this: ‘One thing I can promise you is that I won’t be pontificating about how everyone else needs to get sober. I don’t give a fuck if other people wanna get high. I’ve had my go and now it’s your turn – knock yourself out if that’s what you wanna do. Of course if someone else can relate to my experiences and by some miracle that helps them to be less of an arsehole than I was, then that’s all well and good. But I don’t want to be that cunt where it’s like, ‘Oh he was a rock and roller, but now he’s telling everyone else how to live.’ Fuck that preachy guy. He’s the last person I want to be.’

I can assure you that, if Steve Jones used to be an arsehole, there’s nothing left of this today. As for a Sex Pistols reunion, it’s highly improbable, unless… well, you never know, as he explained to the LA Weekly: ‘But I don’t know if we’re ever going to play again. Maybe if we get a shitload of money. We get offered more money as time goes on. To me, it’s just a pain in the ass.’

Steve Jones’s modern Dickensian tale, ‘Lonely Boy: Tales From a Sex Pistol’ is published by Da Capo press, and you can get it at Book Soup and probably at any other book store or online book seller! Should I add the book has a foreword by Chrissie Hynde?


Steve Jones and Slim Jim Phantom (right)

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