Stoned And Dusted, The First Annual Meeting Of The California Desert Wizards Association, To Take Place On May 26th And 27th

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I have no idea why I have received an email from the California Desert Wizards Association (CDWA), but I did, and this email is announcing a new sort of festival, just in time for Memorial weekend.

Stoned and Dusted is a first annual meeting of the California Desert Wizards Association, an event announced as ‘The Ultimate Stoner Rock Generator Party in the Southern California Mojave Desert’ and featuring a large number of stoner rock bands such as Brant Bjork, The Obsessed, Nebula, Big Business, Golden Void, Yawning Man….

As the organizers let us know, this is a real party, a party for people who enjoy life and want to live it to its fullest, a ‘party for stoners, rockers, vanners, skaters, surfers, punks, beer fans’ who love ‘loud, heavy psychedelic jams; having some brews, partying out in the desert and camping in our vans’

That sounds like a great outdoor party with campfires and starry nights with 14 bands playing for you in the middle of the desert! But to make things a bit more mysterious, the location is said to be secret, somewhere in the Southern California Mojave desert.

And this is such a well-kept secret that organizers will pick up attendees from their campground to take them to the party! Over there, the intimacy of the place will allow anyone to mingle with his or her musician heroes and best friends. And of course, plenty of food and drinks will be provided, while Stoned and Dusted-goers will get a commemorative beer mug and a membership pin for the California Desert Wizards Association. Attendees will even be driven back safely to the campgrounds in Joshua tree without worrying about driving drunk or stoned or both.

What makes Stoned and Dusted very different from any festival, is the absence of food trucks and other food and beverage booths: everything is free as long as you pay your ticket: ‘You don’t need to bring food and you don’t need to bring beer’ the site says. ‘You don’t need to bring money for food or beer. It’s a party, we got you.’

And since the weather cannot fail at this time of the year (although it may be very hot during the day and freezing at night) this adventurous music festival looks good on paper,…After reading the description it even sounds like the Burning Man of Stoner Rock, but I could be wrong and I am wrong on one point at least: this is a small scaled festival and the number of places is very limited, and of course, prices are not cheap, as it will cost you $333.33 plus fees for the weekend.


Here is the full lineup: Brant Bjork, The Obsessed, Nebula, Big Business, Golden Void, Yawning Man, Beastmaker, Ecstatic Vision, Sasquatch, Alpine Fuzz Society (Side project with members of Radio Moscow and Earthless), Sean Wheeler and The Reluctant Messengers, BALA (Spain), Sgt. Papers (Mexico), Green Druid.


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