Stop The Press! Debbie Harry is Not Quitting The Biz

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Debbie Harry has become a quirky fashion icon.  No clue why- I haven’t seen anything quirky but perhaps its her ability to age and still have a sense of style?  Jaws wag for the oddest reason and despite a fairly recent new release and so recent tour date the rumor mill started pumping with talk of her retiring.  But old punks dont retire- they just drop dead.

Who started the rumor?  Drummer Clem Burke.  Clem has a Johnny Marr hairdo by the way, just had to throw that out there.  Here is what the sticks wrote :
“Debbie is 11 years older than the rest of us, so it’s on her mind. We’ve tried to keep it going for as long as possible, but it’s not just up to me. Nothing is finalized yet, but obviously there’s no Blondie without Debbie Harry.”

If I were Debbie I would kick his ass for that alone.  But instead Blondie released an ‘official’ statement:

” In relation to the recent news articles regarding Blondie breaking up: We want to clarify this rumor has no truth in it what so ever.
We are still very much working together as a band on new music, plans for the future, and look forward to seeing our fans on tour around the globe.”

So is this a case of infighting?  What up Clem?  It seems odd that Burke would require a press release response but then again maybe he is looking to bail out?  Since ‘Die Young Stay Pretty’ is no longer an option, I suppose we will have to just wait and see.


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