"Stroked" 10 Years of The Strokes

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I have a great idea!  Lets take some of the most innovative and powerful music of the 2k's and totally degrade it til it sucks so badly it makes your ears bleed.

This is not a new thought, its actually been done by Stereogum.  Those crazy hipsters have taken on the masterful skills of Peter John and Bjorn and The Morning Benders to totally destroy two of the coolest Strokes songs of all time.

Its a parody right?  Its like a big Starbucks mocha latte' hipster titter right?  Cuz if its not then someone should sue.  Its horrid and who the hell in their right mind actually asks Chelsea Wolfe to record anything? 

The Strokes those silly privileged NYC boys, are they saying anything?  Do they know about this?  

The worse thing about this is I actually downloaded it- so right now its sitting in my hard drive making all my good music angry. So theres basically going to be a riot in my music file and I know full well who's gonna win.

Not this

The only thing be Stroked here is the wanna be cools.

But youre feeling so lofty- go for it, wont cost you a dime, but you've been warned.

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