Stub Heaven: The Review And The Stub To Prove It: Saturday Night Fever 20th Anniversary In 1998

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There is good and bad in the only time I saw the Bee Gees live on stage, the good is they were performing their six smash and smashing songs from the movie and the multi-platinum double album soundtrack, ., the bad news is, well, it was the only time I saw the Bee Gees live on stage so I  missed all those 60s hits, “I Started A Laugh,” “Massachusetts,” , “To Love Somebody,” “I Started A Joke” … you know the drill. Worse, they weren’t all that great. But still there twere the Brother Gibbs, thinner on top (except for Barry).

According to “Today In Bee Gees History”: “On January 31st, 1998 the Saturday Night Fever 20th Anniversary Celebration was held at Madison Square Garden. It was originally planned for November 1, but it was washed out. The Bee Gees, KC & the Sunshine Band, Yvonne Elliman, Kool & the Gang, and The Tramp all performed.” Well, if by The Tramp they means Trammps I guess they are right, also I remember Tavares having played as well, but maybe not.

I’d had bought tickets to the rained out November outdoor gig at the legendary Disco 2000 in Brooklyn, and was happy for the replacement seats. It was a long night with  lots of nostalgia, lots of remember when, lots of the guy who taught John Travolta had to disco dance, lots and lots of polyester, and lots of a loss of hedonism.  but it was only twenty years between. According to Jon Parales in the New York Times: “The Bee Gees’ set was strictly rote. Disco was only one phase of the group’s career, as it made clear with its older ballads, and its 1970’s hits, like ”Jive Talkin’ ” and ”Stayin’ Alive,” were character studies with a beat, more ambitious than many disco songs. Although Barry Gibb maintains his choppy, penetrating falsetto, like a steel-whiskered chipmunk, the band sounded bored..” Unfortunately, that is more or less how I remember it. But here I disagree with Jon, he referenced KC And The Sunshine Gang and I can see why (both Tavares and Trammps were using backing tapes), but even so, it was the people who were actually on the soundtrack we wanted to see. And so I saw em and here’s the stub to prove it.

Grade: B




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