Stub Heaven: The Review And The Stub To Prove It, The Grammy Awards 1997

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Ahhh, yes I remember it well. Actually, ah yes I don’t remember it all that well. My only Grammy Awards ever was way back in 1997. I received tickets from the media company I work for and was qute exciting though believe me, the excitement passed. A godawful year with Eric Clapton’s execrable “Change The World” song of the year, and Celine Dion won “Best Pop Album” and “Album of the Year” Falling Into You, about as earnest as its title.

I was long gone by then, of course. I’d arrived around four and by ten o’clock was ready to slit my wrists. According to the Grammy website: “Just shy of its 40th anniversary, the 39th Annual GRAMMY Awards proved to be a show for young and old — onstage and off. Fourteen-year-old country music sensation LeAnn Rimes became the youngest GRAMMY winner ever when Sheryl Crow, Steve Winwood and Jakob Dylan presented her with the Best New Artist award. Later in the evening, Clint Black appeared to present an award with Rimes and confessed his own feelings of inadequacy. “When I was 14, I had a paper route,” Black explained with a grin. On the other hand, this was the same night that living folk legend Pete Seeger took home the Best Traditional Folk Album at the age of 77 for Pete.” I don’t remember any of that, I do remember finding myself in a bar area with lots of stars, none of whom I much cared about. I’m not jaded as such, but I went to the VMAs every year in the 90s and I wasn’t in awe. Also, this was while the Grammys were still in transition into the modern times. In a year that found the release of Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt, Aaliyah’s One In A million, 2pac’s All Eyez On Me, holy crap De La Soul’s Stakes Is High. There were many more (it was a terrific year for hip hop) and they thought one of Celine’s lesser outings was the album of the year.

No wonder I got fed up.

Grade: D


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