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In the heat of the night
















Many years ago there was an article in New York Press where Springsteen was caught drenching his arms in water before a song and then acting as though it was sweat on stage. Yup, the one sign that the boss was giving it all he had was, in fact, faked. 

Now, I don’t want to us this to beat up on Bruce, for once. I want to raise the question of sincerity and sweat. In a hot stadium, a hard as nails rock and roller wears his perspiration like a badge of honor. But a strong woman works her way right through it.

At Metlife on Saturday, Ed Sheeran joined Taylor Swift for a song on the small stage. Ed said “It is so hot here”. Taylor replied “I know, just act as though it isn’t and you’ll be alright”. At this point I noticed Taylor was soaked through, her hair matted in sweat, dripping down her face. She did nothing, she didn’t wipe her face, didn’t relent or relax and didn’t dry herself. She completely ignored it, acted as though she wasn’t broiling.

Taylor took to the piano for “All Too Well” and shook her head back and forth during one part, when she stopped her smudgeless eyeliner seemed smudge and still she ignored it, her dress was wet through at another part.

It must have been exhausting, it must have been very uncomfortable, but Taylor soldiered through with such immense professionalism, nobody seemed to notice she was toast. Springsteen would wear his sweat like a badge, Taylor was too much the lady to even cool herself; with every reason to slow the pace even a little, she didn’t at all. She worked her way through it and came out the other side and nobody except for Ed Sheeran even knew.


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