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Oct 01 Magnolia Memoir’s New Album ‘Pale Fire’ Reviewed
While the title song burns its own fire, ‘Peeling Paint’ rocks as hard as some vintage 70’ number while keeping a poppy heart, and ‘Resurrected’, the last song of the album, tells the whole story: frontwoman Mela Lee was involved in a terrible car accident in April 2014
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Oct 01 Cat Power, Gogol Bordello, The Pixies At The Hollywood Bowl, Sunday September 28th 2014
This was a promising night, the final concert of the Hollywood Bowl’s season, a sold-out-18,000-people night, but a weird night too, with an eclectic line-up: Cat Power, Gogol Bordello and the Pixies! Who would ever think these three bands would fit one day on the same bill?
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Oct 01 15 Essential Soft Soul Songs from the Early ‘70s
In the early 1970s, it was a custom for African-American men to sport large Afros, wear polyester suits, and sing in falsettos that made wine glasses tremble. Here are 15 groovy soft songs of love and heartbreak from 1970 to 1972. The line below lists the songwriters and the peak position on the pop charts. I know you can dig it, baby
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Oct 01 Watch The Trailer Of The New PTA’s Film, ‘Inherent Vice’
I have no real excuse for posting a movie trailer on a music blog, except that we review movies sometimes, and that music is always like a central character in Paul Thomas Anderson’s movies: this new one has the voice of indie harpist Joanna Newsom, who is serving as the film’s narrator in the movie
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Oct 01 John Mellencamp’s “Plain Spoken” Reviewed
This is a truth Mellencamp seems to instinctively understand, these songs are about people with a different sort of understanding of life, a different type of connection to the land: that’s why he plays Farm Aid. Plain spoken, from the earth to the earth, American homeland, Mellencamp plain spokenly speaks for it and us on a fine, folk rocker album
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Oct 01 Best Songs Through September 30th, 2014
Nothing as excited as last month, here they are mostly album tracks, plus songs off albums that didn’t make it onto the best of they year list. Three from Julian Casablancas but put that down to contrariness, and the only reason I only put three of the four Trainor tracks here is I was afraid of overkill.
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Oct 01 Best Albums Through September 30th, 2014
Popular Problems – Leonard Cohen – He is melodic the way a bassoon is melodic, or maybe the way the memory of a teenage love is melodic, the contours remain there even if the details are lost forever and the two first songs are among the best he has ever written and everything else is damn near perfect as well.
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Oct 01 10 Songs: Wednesday, October 1st, 2014
Action Cat – Gerald Way – This sounded impressive when he leaked it last month and as the leader on the fine new album it is a fuzzball of garage rock and proto-emo guitars – B+
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rock nyc is beyond excited for what looks to be a hard rocking loud soft evening of cool young bands…
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Sep 30 Be Here Now: First Takes On New Album Releases 9-30-14
One more chance to hear that wonderful falsetto on a terrific and beautiful pop album. On “Don’t Cry Alone” he sounds operatic and glorious and if the tempo is a little too slow too often, he wrote it right after Maurice died and everything will get to you. Hold on for the Bee Gees cover – ALBUM OF THE WEEK – A-
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Sep 30 rock nyc Is A Partner For “Acoustic Anarchy” , October 9th
Through our friendship with Roger And Cowan, rock nyc was invited to be a strategic promo partner at the Cake Shop Acoustic Anarchy Gig on Octber 9th. Having hung out just about every night from 1979 to 1980, when I finally got a job and couldn’t spend all my time there, there is nothing I understand much better than the spirit of CBGBs
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Sep 30 Chanel Is Releasing $5,000 Headphones
The company used to make headphones for Beats by Dre before an acrimonious split sent both companies in different directions. Monster has concentrated on high-profile collaborations with fashion and sporting brands, so a set of Chanel headphones doesn’t come as a huge surprise.’
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Sep 30 Starbucks’ Pick Of The Week: ‘Palisades Park’ By Counting Crows
He seems so passionate when he sings it, but there is a certain dullness in all this and I can’t be interested enough to want to know more about the song. Although it comes with a mini movie directed by Bill Fishman, that tells a lot about the band’s cinematic ambitions
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Sep 30 Phil Spector Lost The Ability To Speak
He deserves to be jailed, he was a woman beating asshole of huge proportions (as David Mamet recently had Spector say in his movie: “why was Jesus Christ killed? He got too big for his britches”) and even so, I like there to be choices in life and this is just a dreadful story with no choice whatsoever
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Sep 30 Direct Currents UpComing Releases Through November 25th, 2014
I am really psyched for The Art Of McCartney, an elbow live (they were so great at Webster Hall earlier this year), really interested to see if Devon Allman can step into the family business, Bob Dylan’s complete “The Basement Tapes”, Neil Diamond back t his pop roots, Brian Wilson, TV On The Radio were great earlier this year but not sure about the album, and, er, Jerry Lee Lewis!!!
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Winner And Loser Week Of December 16th, 2013: Bobby Womack And UK Christmas Single

Bobby Womack And The Fountain Of Youth
















Winner – Bobby Womack – You hear about these kinda things but until you actually see it,a man shed 20 years just by getting onstage, it is hard to believe it actually happens and yet there it is! The great, one of the greatest, soul man, found the fountain of youth just by performing his songs to an audience at City Winery and perform them he did, in 90 minutes of take no prisoners soul he smashed through every barrier and came out triumphant. It’s a Christmas miracle.


The 100 Best Songs of the 1990s

When Elvis Presley died, Lester Bangs famously prophesized a future when music audiences would become increasingly diverse in their listening preferences.  Bangs wrote:


Billboard Chart 1996, When Things Were Rotten

Magpies 17th Birthday Cake

















Seventeen years ago music was pretty lame.  When songs like “Macarena” rule the airwaves its brutal to say the least. The top 10 songs were so bad that theyre nearly unidentifiable.  This was my musical ‘dark days’.  Too old for punk and too bitter for pop I simply stopped listening to music.  I think aside from Cat Stevens, Joe Strummer, The Ramones and The Moody Blues, I listened to nothing at all.  These dark days produced embarrassing charts with performers who can fill an entire season of ‘Where Are They Now?”.