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Jan 29 Singles Going Steady – New Song Releases Week of January 26th, 2015
This is a spectacularly terrible song to lead off last year’s disastrous divorce album Turn Blue, an album which effectively derailed their career. Slow, depressing, atmospheric and the very definition of a pointless downer, Dan has suffered for his art, now it’s our turn – D+
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Jan 29 Grammys 2015: Pardners In Duets AGAIN
First the Grammys were cool, then they missed the bus on rock and roll and missed it again with the British invasion, and then, sometime in the 1990s, about the time Dylan received the lifetime achievement award, they got cool, up till the moment they realized duets would give them cachet and now…
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Jan 29 The Who Hits Vinyl
MY GENERATION (1965), A QUICK ONE (1966), THE WHO SELL OUT (1967), TOMMY (double) (1969), WHO’S NEXT (1971), QUADROPHENIA (double) (1973), THE WHO BY NUMBERS (1975), WHO ARE YOU (1978), FACE DANCES (1981), IT’S HARD (1982), ENDLESS WIRE (double) (2006)
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Jan 29 US Top 10 Albums: 2-7-15
That’s a turbo charged top three pop album, indeed the top Five is very good indeed. In a reversal of 2014, 2015 is one of the best January’s in living memory. It is like everyone I s saying, hey we don’t buy your dog deads of January (no, froze days…). Which works for me, fine. A good month so far.
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Jan 29 US Top 10 Singles 2-7-15
Now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer by Fall Out Boy, who have at least two more WHOMPING SMASH HIT SONGS awaiting for you after “Centuries.” It is amazing how big they are gonna get.
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Jan 29 10 Songs: Thursday, January 29th, 2015
When I was discussing modern reggae with Hollie Cook earlier this month I completely forgot about Shaggy, though this terrific song does what it is so difficult: it takes reggae and adds it to r&b and the reggae, which is the milk to black coffee, changes its complexion and here it doesn’t manage to – A
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Jan 28 The Beach Boys ” Live In Sacramento 1964″ and “Keep an Eye on Summer – The Beach Boys Sessions 1964″
For a Beach Boy fanatic, both albums might not add much to the story but what they add you’ll want to hear. And to hear Dennis, Carl and Brian performing together on stage can’t help but make you Smiley Smile.
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Jan 28 Bloody Holly Meets The Great Huerta
Dig, We all love Buddy Holly and think he’s a gentleman with his gentle songs i.e. “Crying, Waiting Hoping”, “Oh Boy”, “Everyday”, “True Love Ways” but what if Chas. T. had a dark side? Who’s to say that he didn’t sit alone in the dark of his Lubbock garage and peruse the Billboard charts wishing harm upon his competition?
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Jan 28 Watch Ariel Pink’s Poignant New Video For ‘Dayzed Inn Daydreams’
‘I died unknown/Stillborn, one morning/Letters on paper/They remain/At last my work is done/The picture’s gone/But the memory lingers on/Farewell/This one’s for you/I used to dream/Dream awake/Hide in the dark/Fade into gray/I used to pray/But now I scream/Lord help me/No more daydreams’
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Jan 28 Courtney Love And Frances Bean Cobain Reunited At Sundance
Things didn’t seem to be doing so well not so long ago, first Love lost custody of her daughter in 2009 when Cobain was just 17, and she was sent to live with her grandmother, then, a few years ago Frances accused her mother to have killed her pet,
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Jan 28 Punk, Tats, More Pink, In SoCal? Must be Musink 2015!!!
Our Alyson is trying to get over for at least a day and I don’t know what she plans but if I only had one day I could go, my eyes would be on Off! followed by Bad Religion. Though Rancid? Yelawolf? Blink 182? See what I mean?
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Jan 28 In Anticipation Of MSG On Saturday, Jack White’s Setlist 2015 (Spotified As Well!!)
5 songs from the excellent Blunderbuss but only 4 off Lazaretto, which suggest he realizes he dogged it proper, 8 White Stripes tracks, rwo from the Raconteurs (the best two as well) and nothing from Dead Weather
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Jan 28 10 Songs: Wednesday, January 28th, 2015
Bad Place For A Good Time – Kate Tempest – This is how you rap to a metronome, like dancing between raindrops, and this is what you rap about not just “be like a tree” but more importantly “find something sacred in all of this silence”. That’s the sort of truth we can all use – A
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Jan 27 Be Here Now: First Reviews Of New Albums, Week Of January 26th, 2015
After reading Pitchfork’s ” She crafts slow-burning soul music indebted to singers like Dolly Parton, Dusty Springfield, and Jenny Lewis…” I was gagging to unload on this sucker but the songs are excellent and her voice is beautiful. It is like indie country plus odd instruments and her falsetto
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Jan 27 This Cat’s in the Cradle or Andy Warhol’s Behind the Times…
I believe now, even though everyone and their mother can release tracks without a record company backing them, the glut of product, even though it may be fantastic, may be getting overlooked
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Winner And Loser Week Of December 16th, 2013: Bobby Womack And UK Christmas Single

Bobby Womack And The Fountain Of Youth
















Winner – Bobby Womack – You hear about these kinda things but until you actually see it,a man shed 20 years just by getting onstage, it is hard to believe it actually happens and yet there it is! The great, one of the greatest, soul man, found the fountain of youth just by performing his songs to an audience at City Winery and perform them he did, in 90 minutes of take no prisoners soul he smashed through every barrier and came out triumphant. It’s a Christmas miracle.


The 100 Best Songs of the 1990s

When Elvis Presley died, Lester Bangs famously prophesized a future when music audiences would become increasingly diverse in their listening preferences.  Bangs wrote:


Billboard Chart 1996, When Things Were Rotten

Magpies 17th Birthday Cake

















Seventeen years ago music was pretty lame.  When songs like “Macarena” rule the airwaves its brutal to say the least. The top 10 songs were so bad that theyre nearly unidentifiable.  This was my musical ‘dark days’.  Too old for punk and too bitter for pop I simply stopped listening to music.  I think aside from Cat Stevens, Joe Strummer, The Ramones and The Moody Blues, I listened to nothing at all.  These dark days produced embarrassing charts with performers who can fill an entire season of ‘Where Are They Now?”.