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the cast of SNL is uniformly terrible except for Weekend Update’s Michael Che who has a great dead pan, and Leslie Jones. But even they weren’t as unamusing as the relentless lousy Donald Trump… I laughed exactly once: when he mistook Aidy Bryant for Rosie O’Donnell.

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Refugees: The US will raise the cap on refugees to 100, 000 by 2017 according to secretary of state John Kerry: just in time for President Trump to have all the forced labor camps ready to greet them. Give us your tired, your weary, and we will put them to work the lazy rapists and murderers (and members of Isis).

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People think it is the end of warm weather and while that is certainly a part of the summer season, more important is children being away from school for two months . Look at two months this way: it is something like 0.25% of my life and 2% of a ten year olds. Translation, summer last forever for children but is a blip on ours and since many of us (me) are working stiffs, we more observe than participate in summer. But we observe well.

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Sure it has been the dog days of summer, and news has been kinda slow, so here comes Donald Trump (who I have met on three occasions socially and who I consider quite as slimy as Rupert Murdoch) to kill some time and space. Fine. But when the leading candidate for the GOP is seriously discussing deporting 11.3 Million people PLUS legal and documented people, well, that joke ain’t funny anymore. This guy is beyond the pale and silly season needs to come to an end now. He is dangerous

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With all the will in the world, I find it impossible to take the Republican candidates for the Presidency very seriously. They are all like the supervillains in Marvel Comics. And I would really like to, I would like an alternative, a fiscal conservative libertarian. If they could find one, people might actually listen. Instead they have Ted Cruz…

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