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Sep 02 ‘Silverlake Meltdown’ At Los Globos, Saturday August 30th 2014
When about 35,000 Angelinos were roasting under the sun at Made in America festival, listening to its array of mainstream music that Jay Z calls diversity, I was in Silverlake attending the first annual end of summer party, the ‘Silverlake Meltdown’ organized by Sick City Records at Los Globos.
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Sep 02 Best Concerts Through August 31st, 2014
Caroline Kole – The Bitter End – August 13th, 2014 – An almost perfect hour of modern country pop by the finest young singer to mine the much ignored genre since, well, since Taylor Swift. who she resembles in attitude and who she could could replace for a certain section of the audience, her peers and a little younger, who Taylor is slowly leaving behind or never quite had.
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Sep 02 How To Choose The Best Toilet At A Music Festival
At the end, these 15-minute of calculus (if you manage to watch the whole thing) will teach you that you simply have to scope out 37% of the toilets to have a good idea of the situation… after 37% you can start accepting the one that is the best so far.
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Sep 02 rock nyc Top 29 Songs (In Order And Spotified) Through August 31st, 2014
Nobody handles his age with the intelligence that Leonard does in this song, because as terrible as the world is, and it is pretty horrifying stuff, but it is nowhere as blue as his own mortality and mine of course, nothing smarter this year that’s for sure.
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Sep 02 That Was The Week Of August 25th, 2014, That Was
if I was in London I’d have been checking out art rocker turned hofstra Kate Bush, a singer I like much more in theory than in practice. Still, who first gig in more than decades was a theatrical event alright. Kate’s problem is the same as it ever was, she isn’t as good as I think she is.
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Sep 02 10 Songs: Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014
Carousel Ride – Rubblebucket – This indie band have been around for years waiting for their dance pop to hit, and this track off the new one is a smart addictive roundabout of a track and it just might do the job; Annakalmia Traver has the voice for the job – B+
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Sep 01 In A Classic Overreaction Electric Zoo Cancel Today’s Last Day Of The Festival 2014
It wasn’t that extreme and nobody says it was. Two hours of flash flooding is not enough to excuse cancelling the entire proceedings and, I might add, two deaths wasn’t enough to cancel last year. if two people die in an accident on the highway, can no one use it for two days? If you knew them, it is a tragedy, if you didn’t it’s an incident.
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Sep 01 Dan Whitley’s Eagerly Awaited “Angels N Devils” Completed
The playing is clean, immaculate, perfect, very controlled, very at service to the song and where Dan gets his hands dirty is on the vocal tour de force, amazing blues singing that barrels down on song after song and reaches its, and Angels n Devils, zenith with “Wade County Jail”
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Sep 01 Watching Iggy Azalea At Made In America Festival
Her performance at Made in America let me totally uninterested though, she did everything you can expect from a rapper in this surrounding, she almost kissed Rita Ora on stage – but hasn’t this be done a million times before?
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Sep 01 Nightmom Louis Family Restaurant Providence, RI Saturday Aug 30, 2014 Reviewed
The show at Louis Family Restaurant was the culmination of Nightmom’s first national tour. On the road for 30 days, the band traveled some 9000 miles to promote Glider Heaven, their second full-length, the photo for the cover of which Travis found in an old copy of National Geographic. Long live Glider Love.
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Sep 01 David Lynch Had No Good Idea For Kanye West
This is what happens when it is a slow-news day, we write about things that could have but didn’t really happen. Famous director and unique character David Lynch said to the Daily Beast that he almost made a video for Kanye West’
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Sep 01 Best Albums Through August 31st, 2014
Tahliah Debrett Barnett aka Formerly Known As twigs, is the most exciting thing to happen to UK soundscape soul pop since Lana del Rey and like Lana she doesn’t sound like anything else: a deeply arranged indie soul hybrid. Imagine if Massive Attack had been so big 1D and a girl in Gloucestershire, England, became completely obsessed with them…something like that.
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Sep 01 Best Songs Through August 31st, 2014
Two songs, released the same day, Taylor’s “Shake It Off” and and Leonard Cohen’s “Almost Like The Blues”, a third, around for awhile but finally hitting home FKA twigs brilliant “Lights On”, and a fourth, rock ny’s band Je’June’d excellent “picotement” ran away with the month.
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Sep 01 UK Top 10 Singles 9-6-14
“Rariworkout” is awesome, Grime meets EDM, the raps are very English, very Brixton or wormwood scrubs but the beats are international and very dance steadying, very House, not dub at all, nothing deep more like a chattering mail biter. Excellent song, hope it hits the US charts.
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Sep 01 UK Top 10 Albums 9-6-14
A not untypical UK chart, made whole by the two Kate Bush albums, an obvious relection of her return to performing after a 35 year absence. The reviews were overwhelmingly positive but what on earth does that prove, right? Otherwise, Royal Blood are like a lively Black keys or a Jack white not tripping over his ego, But not as good as that sounds.
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Chicks In The Pit: Females of The Hardcore Scene

grabbin’ ass in the name of punk
























MTv’s program Guy Code took on the topic of the rise in ‘cute girls’ at hardcore shows and used it as an opportunity to make some sexist statements and gain some much needed media attention.

The truth is there is a rise in girls at ‘punk’ shows as fans, as magnets they’re there and they’re pretty obviously with agenda.  I don’t consider modern day ‘punk’ punk at all, it is prepackaged sterilized pap for the Starbucks generation but this ‘harder rock’ scene is more than stoned boys in tank tops- it’s now cute girls in thigh highs and everyone is getting lucky because of it.  When you take the adrenaline pump of a hard rock beat and lacy garters its time to get laid in restroom- problem is most of these kids are so socially inept that they can only text each other about it- too shy to speak.

But fueled by Adderal and Dubra they boys are swarming and the girls are stoked.  The ‘selfie nation’ is alive and well and the mating dance now includes a circle pit and wall of death.  Girls have every right to be at a show- they have no business at all in the pit or even surfing the crowd.  As a punk girl purist I can assure you the best thing a girl can do is stand back to the wall watching the event with a smug expression- anything else is just silly looking and if you want someone to grab your ass there’s better ways than surfing.

I say good goin’ gals.. even though we all know you’re just there for the heavy concentration of boys.  Anyone who starts barking theyre their for the music is really just kidding themselves.

Heres the guy code smack by Ethan Fixell:

My opportunity to get to the bottom of this came when Brooklyn Vegan and Red Bull announced a surprise Pig Destroyer performance at Brooklyn’s Saint Vitus Bar. Once again, my experience-based assumptions were wrong, as neither chaos nor sausage were in excessive abundance at the door. Within a minute of entering the club, I met Sarabeth and Noa, two cute women who were also quick to support my hypothesis: “Oh, I definitely think the [girl-to-guy] ratio is evening out,” said Noa.

The change isn’t lost on the bands, either. Pig Destroyer bassist John Jarvis told me that while working at the Summer Slaughter Tour (featuring The Dillinger Escape Plan and Cattle Decapitation), he “never saw so many beautiful women before,” also noting happily that “side boob seemed to be a popular theme.”

Even Jeff, a bouncer at Saint Vitus, has noticed a change in crowd composition in just the two years he’s worked there. “There are more and more women at these shows. Especially more single women in groups. In fact, I’m trying to get laid tonight.”



Pissed Jeans Rule the Earth

In an alternate universe people in USA mirror world with better taste in music, Pissed Jeans call to disarm "I don't bother" wouldn't resonate with this generation the way "Nevermind" did with their parents. Though even in that alternate Earth, Pissed Jeans lack of seriousness? More like self-importance would hurt them.


Pissed Jeans To Play Bowery Ballroom April 13th!

Nearly a year ago I went to a very good hardcore show at Le Poisson Rouge,  Ceremony were headlining but everybody involved was the cream of the crop. Just one of those perfect evenings you get from time to time. And the best of the best were Pissed Jeans. A band who satiric bite and tuneful horror show needs no introduction to rock nyc readers.