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Aug 02 Asleep at the Wheel, Kessler Theater, Dallas, Texas, August 1st, 2014, Reviewed
I’ve never seen a bad Asleep at the Wheel show and this one was solid at times and sometimes moved from professionalism to true inspiration. One telling difference between Bob Wills and Benson is that Wills always had an edge of inspired chaos in his work. There was an improvisational sense of never knowing what was coming next.
Posted 02 August 2014 by Steve Crawford  Add comment
Aug 02 Andy Grammer at The Grove, Wednesday, July 30th 2014, Reviewed
Andy Grammer is a happy man who can quickly rebound. All his music involved a lot of this crowd’s cooperation, with lots of clapping and ooo-ooos sing-alongs… Was even there a song without any ooo-ooos somewhere in the chorus? I don’t think so.
Posted 02 August 2014 by Alyson Camus  Add comment
Aug 02 Morrisseys Statement on Bodyguards Lawsuit and “The Victim” Joins In!
The only legit source for Moz news is the sweet little blog which he takes to periodically to throw down some words. Otherwise its all just crap. Below is the mans direct comments on the lawsuit pending that suggests a body guard was asked to ‘hurt’ David Tseng
Posted 02 August 2014 by Helen Bach  Add comment
Aug 02 Lost Prophets Bandmates “Would Have Killed” Ian Watkins, If They Knew His Secret
The band Lost Prophets lost their lead singer Ian Watkins to the court system when it was discovered d he had attempted sexual relationships with an eleven month old girl. Tough convincing that lot to come to your rock shows so best way to make it with the ladies is to convince their mothers to sacrifice them to your rock and roll alter
Posted 02 August 2014 by Helen Bach  Add comment
Aug 02 Listen To Karen O’s New Song ‘Rapt’
It is simply called ‘Rapt’ and the tune reveals a real vulnerable side of the usually daring frontwoman, since she is singing it with a fragile, almost husky, voice over a totally stripped-down music arrangement
Posted 02 August 2014 by Alyson Camus  Add comment
Aug 02 Jesus Christ Sue Perstar
In the lawsuit, webber aka the Really Useful Group said “We have no option but to proceed with legl action to recover costs associated with the project”. Personally, I would enjoy this story a whole lot more if we could find some way to involve Bono, but unfortunately, appearances notwithstanding, Bono is too old for the title role.
Posted 02 August 2014 by Iman Lababedi  Add comment
Aug 02 rock nyc Top 22 Songs (In Order And Spotified) Through July 21st, 2014
This best songs is in order of preference, this is where I stand song wise and most of these are singles as well, though I don’t think the top two will change much in the next five months, If you Have spotify, give it a listen.
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Aug 02 Best Concerts Through July 31st, 2014
Katy Perry – Barclay Center – July 25th, 2014 – Modern pop musics big sister plays hit after hit with a sort of las vegas meets ancient Egypt motif, just to prove lost love ain’t lost life and roaring is easy if you try hard enough.
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Aug 02 10 Songs: Saturday, August 2nd 2014
It’s Late – Ricky Nelson – A 1959 hit, this is rockabilly as pop music and it is something that can’t be done in 2014, the guitar break is supple and sweet, just a couple of notes, but not one is wasted and the lyric so pared down he sings the entire thing twice and still brings it in at under two minutes – A
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Aug 01 Psychotic Killing Spree Playlist
Co-editor Helen Bach has invented a new form of road rage, one where you don’t actually need the road to participate. Helen, similar to murder for hire would be consumer Morrissey, at least love animals but not me. I have blood on my hands and watch me lick it off slowly
Posted 01 August 2014 by Iman Lababedi  Add comment
Aug 01 Jon Bon Jovi And The Kings Of Suburbia At The Count Basie Theatre, Wednesday, July 30th, 2014, reviewed
No, Jon, it is not alright. It isn’t remotely close to alright, this is a dire, depressing version of one of the few bearable Bon Jovi songs. Yes, that was the worst moment, but there was lots and lots of competition: the last song “American Pie”, the ridiculous “Baba O’Reilly” not remotely saved by the violinist, “Bad Medicine” overblown and heavy…
Posted 01 August 2014 by Iman Lababedi  Add comment
Aug 01 The Muffs At Amoeba, Tuesday July 29th 2014
The most striking thing about seeing the Muffs live, is their laid-back attitude, as well as the casual chatting and deadpan humor between the songs, as if they were some stand-up comedians doing the Muffs routine before bursting into their short punk songs. Kim looked almost exactly as she did at Burgerama
Posted 01 August 2014 by Alyson Camus  Add comment
Aug 01 Conor Oberst Central Park SummerStage Tuesday July 29, 2014 Reviewed
IIt’s a weird realization, feeling like I’ve grown out of who I’ve considered my favorite musician for years. I’ll still listen to him, I don’t skip Bright Eyes when it comes up on shuffle, but his newer work doesn’t appeal to me and some of his older stuff is unlistenable. Conor’s grown up, and I have too, and we’ve gone our separate ways.
Posted 01 August 2014 by Mary Magpie  Add comment
Aug 01 $200 Interview Rights, Featuring Black Veil Brides
Pay 200 clams and get press credentials to a show with photo pass! So THAT’S the going rate for it! You’ll get the opportunity to interview a member of the band with FIVE questions (that’s spelled out so don’t think of four or six), you’ll get to go in the photo pit for the first three songs (no flash!) just like the real photogs
Posted 01 August 2014 by Helen Bach  Add comment
Aug 01 Dream Alive At The Dragonfly, Wednesday July 29th 2014, Reviewed
they gave us a grandiose opening, and continued with the same exuberant energy till the end, attempting to take everybody’s breath away during each song. If each member of the band were actively participating into this over-the top celebration, the charismatic showman-frontman Nik Phoeniks worked very hard to push the show to a new level
Posted 01 August 2014 by Alyson Camus  Add comment

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The “F” Word

Glad To be Gay

Glad To be Gay

I wrote about “the N Word” the other day and “the C Word” ? Well “The Vagina Monologues” by Eve Ansler seemed to deal with it very thoroughly.Besides which, why is it worse than calling a man the “d” word. But which I mean Dick, or prick, and which I can say all day long. See? dick,prick,dick, prick.


A Mullen At Yankee Stadium: “RAP is not my genre but that is about to change”

Tee Shirt Translation: New Ideas


















It’s Saturday night at Yankee Stadium, Bronx, NY, to see one of my all-time favorite performers. The stage is framed like a Retro Amphitheater with curves reminding me of a piano. Scarlet. Smoky. Sexy. What a legendary night in NYC!


Kanye West’s “Yeezus” Improves With Age

















My first impression of Kanye West’s Yeezus was half of it was a masterpiece and half of it was very good and now I think it is all a masterpiece.  Clocking in at 40 minutes in length, every track reveals itself in time and lines fly out at you and slap you to attention. The first track, “Out Of Sight” is a spike of liquid acid with all the hallucinations turned inside out: intead of being surrealistic, it is serate sharp thuderring rock rhythm. The whirl of synth that introduces you to it explains why Lou Reed worded Metal Machine Music when he wrote about it.